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Diane Turski

I will be expecting that he will consider flood prevention as a top priority when developing the west side of League City!! I also do not expect to have warehouses storing dangerous chemicals planned for development on the west side either!!

Jean Casanave

I hope Mr Hoover plans to address the drainage in LC and how it relates to the rest of the county before approval of more concrete or annexation. There will be more storms like Harvey.

Chuck DiFalco

"developers need to understand the city needs quality development" Good talk. Let's hope he can also walk the walk.

Marc Edelman

While we all want attractive development for our community, League City is basically making it impossible for smaller parcels, "in fill properties" to be developed by City's implementing very expensive form based development requirements. Smaller properties can't be developed to support the expensive materials being required. If it is economically unfeasible to build, it will not happen. If developing smaller properties doesn't work financially you will not see the diversification of the tax burden from residential to retail we are all promised during every election, Further, the implementation of impact fees, requiring new development to pay for roads based on how much traffic per day new commercial properties will generate is another reason that League City is rapidly becoming un appealing place for new construction and driving projects to other communities. Now couple these things with a confusing array of overlays and zoning, and you have one hot mess for anyone who wants to develop commercial property here.

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