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PD Hyatt

As our government make it harder and harder to get drugs to fight pain, people who truly need them have a more difficult time obtaining them.... Some where there has to be a balance where people who truly need them can get them without jumping through so man hoops to obtain them....

Randy Chapman

Actions that are being taken by the states will cause a huge surge in the use of heroin. Of course, the states can't do anything to the cartels that provide heroin. It's too much trouble, and less lucrative to local law enforcement. Just the legal companies that provide painkillers are targeted. Talk about low hanging fruit! Well, maybe even worse; rotten fruit that fell off the tree...

glenn COFFEy

truly the inmates are running the asylum. would you sue the miner of the lead because you shot yourself in the foot

Natalie Malphrus

Big pharma is an easy target but they just produce the drugs. It’s the doctors that prescribe the drugs that we need to go after. We see news stories frequently about Drs over prescribing and even prescribing when the patients have no need.

Ray Taft

Commissioners Court claims they want to bring more businesses into Galveston County. Apparently, they think suing drug manufacturers is the way to attract businesses. Yet another reason why businesses will stay away from Galveston County.

The law suit, new debt with the passing of the bond, and the Harvey devastation with Commissioners Court unwillingness to give property owners tax relief through reappraisal will all scare away businesses.

Kelly Naschke

Will the county be filing suit against the Sinaloa Cartel too? This is ridiculous.

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