A decade-by-decade look at Texas City’s history

Guests read the historic panels after an unveiling Dec. 15 at the Nessler Center in Texas City.

Photo by Kevin M. Cox

The history subcommittee of the Texas City Centennial Committee was given the task of presenting 100 years of our story here in the City By the Bay. The only parameter we were given was that any presentation would be on a decade-by-decade approach. With the help of JoAnn Hackbarth as my co-chair we started calling friends we knew were interested in history.

We started meeting more than a year ago. A two-prong approach was established: how would we accumulate and how would we present? A couple of directions were mapped out. Whatever we did we knew that we were looking for stories and pictures that would detail significant people places and events of the last century.

After visiting several vendors the use of portable banners was our first choice. Getting full support from the steering committee and city hall we ran with that idea. Several meetings allowed us to narrow the focus to a pictorial display with the use of captions to tell the story. Each committee member was assigned a specific decade and asked to research and compile material for sample banners.

Limited by copyright laws we focused our search for photos from the city library museum and the Rosenberg Library. Some composers used personal photos from their own collection. Some decades were easier than others when finding available material. Obviously the further back in history the harder it was to find usable photos.

Each decade was then reviewed and ideas were exchanged concerning content and selection. Final banners were submitted then reviewed again by an edit subgroup before being presented to the city for display.

The other two directions of our group led us to a video presentation memories of days past by some of our citizens and a written daily log that focused on ”a day in time” from years past. The log has been presented daily in our local newspapers and the videos will start making their appearances next month.

Larry Edrozo is co-chairman of the Texas City Centennial Committee’s history committee.


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