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Dwight Burns

Galveston County has a mass transportation problem. Until that problem is addressed and solved, our County will continue to lose potential large businesses to other areas of the Country that have addressed this issue.

Jim Casey

I can't imagine a company the size of Amazon putting a large facility in Galveston County, when it has the entire U.S. to choose from.

Lack of public transportation is the least of the problems.

The Clear Lake area is subject to hurricane evacuations and flooding. The proposed site has Main Street (518) for egress to the south and west. That road has some of the worst traffic in the county.

Then there's the looming problem of water supply. God or nature simply is not going to put more water in the rivers because the population grows.

David Schuler

Mass transit from where, to where? Urban areas with centralized population centers can benefit from light rail; Houston et al has a distributed population base and distributed centers of opportunity with almost none of the combinations creating sufficient ridership to warrant the BILLIONS it takes to put in 'light rail' (a misleading term if there ever was one). I'm all for mass transit when it makes economic sense.
My prediction is that smart electric cars + UBER / Lyft / etc will - over the next 20 years - create a distributed mass transit system that is far more flexible and more efficient than any rail system could ever be.
But in this particular case, this is just Amazon's urbanized / idealized / 'gotta-have-mass-transit-at-any-cost' Left-Coast leaning way of saying, 'you don't fit our model....".

Jim Casey

A rail line along route 3 could handle a lot of commuters between Dickinson and central/west side Houston, which is where the jobs worth commuting to are. The problem—aside from startup cost—is going between home, the train, and the workplace. For most people, it's too far to walk or ride a bike, and too decentralized for buses. As much as I would like to avoid driving, I'm not willing to mess with a three-leg trip like that.

Anyway, it's not there now, not planned, and would be fiercely opposed on many levels.

Randy Chapman

League City needs to address it's horrendous traffic issues anyway it can, including possibly a rail system to Houston. If something is not done soon, all of League City, Friendswood, and Kemah wlook like the Gulf Freeway at 5PM. WRT to current mass transit, like another poster said, Bezos is just a Liberal and that's that.

Mark and Janet Lardas

Anyone who thought Amazon would relocate anywhere in Texas was dreaming. The new site will be somewhere in the Washington D. C. Area. It pretty much has to be.

Amazon, like Google and Facebook, is already experiencing calls for antitrust action against them. These calls will grow along with Amazon's market share.

Where best to beat back these attempts? D.C. Having a headquarters in the D.C. Metro area allows Amazon to have its executives on hand and to socialize with the D.C. power brokers. Bezos already lives there. All this headquarters search stuff is theater, intended to squeeze the best possible deal out of one of the three D.C. sites "in contention."

Jean Casanave

I agree with all the above. LC has, in general, a transportation issue. But don't you think the drainage issues should be dealt with first?

Michelle Aycoth

Drainage is not an issue in League for the 85% of the population that did not flood.
Traffic is an issue for 100% of the population in League City, nobody likes thebeunconvinced.
Andrew Aycoth

Chuck DiFalco

The mass transportation problem in League City is that someone here thinks it's a good thing. I'm not going to subsidize someone's commute to work.

Chuck DiFalco

Although I don't know of anyone more knowledgeable about city governance than Mr. Hallisey, he needs to get a clue on the issue of commuter rail. At grade rail (i.e. along Highway 3) would be a traffic disaster. It would block east-west auto traffic that is already a nightmare. Below grade rail is not an option. Above grade rail would be horrendously expensive, and the vast majority of League City residents who wouldn't use it don't want to subsidize it. And if LC economic development types think that benefitting the few at the expense of the many is a good thing, they are being watched by citizens who are tired of being nickeled and dimed.

Chuck DiFalco

"League City was eliminated from the competition in Round 2 primarily because of ... light/commuter rail" So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that spread-out Houston metro doesn't have a systemic rail system. So why did Amazon yank League City around? To make a statement about their urban planning agenda? Why doesn't Amazon just stick to online retail sales?

PD Hyatt

Until the Galveston Houston area wakes up to the issue of water major companies like Amazon will not be coming to town.... We are seeing drinking water being a issue as more and more people pour into this area, and then you have the other issue of to much water, because the cities have not planned very well on the issue of getting water out of our area when the rains come down.... Houston and some other areas go down when we have a small to medium size rain. Then when we have a major rain storm like Harvey the entire area went down.... Until the area planners start making these new subdivision build massive retention ponds to hold these waters that those areas used to hold before neighborhoods were built and get these bayous where they are draining all of these new areas to cleaned out so that they can hold this water our area will continue to flood....
As for mass transit, well if that was going to work in our area it would already be built, but to many like having their own cars to come and go as they see fit as that is the way that it should be, after all this is America and not Europe where the sheeple line up as they are told to....

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