Drug eradication efforts and restricted supplies from Mexico have led to steep increases in the prices of illegal drugs narcotics agents in the county’s two largest cities said.

Police departments are pleading for residents’ help in taking back their neighborhoods by reporting suspicious drug-related activity.

Tips to drug hot lines are critical said lead narcotics agents in Galveston and League City.

Those agents reported the cost of an ounce of cocaine jumped about 50 percent in League City. Galveston has seen a similar increase.

In May narcotics agents in League City could buy an ounce of cocaine for $800. That price jumped earlier this month to $1200 said an undercover League City police narcotics officer who asked not to be identified by name. It’s the highest price of cocaine in at least three years the officer said.

The officer who is a liaison with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said Mexican cartels are sending less product to the United States. With substantially smaller amounts of cocaine entering the country whatever product police intercept affects supply and demand the officer said.

The same scenario has led to a significant increase in the price of methamphetamine.

League City police could buy an ounce of methamphetamine in May for about $1700 but in July the price jumped to as much as $2200 the officer said.

An undercover Galveston police narcotics supervisor said it’s difficult to compare the island’s illegal drug trade to League City’s because Galveston is a tourist destination.

Dealers take certain chances in selling to strangers. That’s why buy busts can be effective on the island the officer said.

Recent enforcement efforts reduced supply causing the price of an ounce of cocaine to increase from about $750 to as much as $1100 the officer said.

The Galveston Police Department’s push to encourage tips from residents in neighborhoods with drug activity has been effective the officer said. The department has a drug activity tip line that allows informants to remain anonymous.

The public’s desire to become involved is critical because narcotics agents are far more successful with good tips from those living in drug-prone neighborhoods the officer said.

The officer didn’t want to discourage the use of 911 for reporting drug deals in progress but using the hot line to report frequent instances of drug activity is becoming more effective.

The Galveston drug hot line number is 409-765-3670. League City police encourage residents to report drug tips to the department’s detective division at 281-338-8210.


At A Glance

Nonemergency numbers

• BacliffSan Leon: 281-534-3515 (Calls are answered by the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office)

• Bayou Vista police: 409-935-0449

• Dickinson police: 281-337-4700

• Friendswood: 281-996-3300

• Galveston police: 409-765-3702 or narcotics tip line: 409-765-3670

• Galveston County Sheriff’s Office (including Bolivar Peninsula): 409-766-2322

• Hitchcock police: 409-986-5559

• Jamaica Beach Village police: 409-737-1800 (sheriff’s dispatch) or 409-737-1143

• Kemah police: 281-334-5414

• La Marque police: 409-938-9269

• League City police: 281-322-2566 or drug tip line at 281-338-8210.

• Santa Fe police: 409-925-2000

• Texas City police: 409-643-5760

• Tiki Island: 409-935-6579

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