TEXAS CITY — A Saturday morning shooting in a shed behind a vacant house left one man dead and a woman clinging to life. The shooter remained at large Texas City police said.

A resident in the 700 block of Sixth Avenue North awoke at 2:19 a.m. to the sound of a woman banging on the door saying she’d been shot Texas City police Capt. Brian Goetschius said.

Terrie Lynn Moffett 30 suffered several gunshot wounds and an ambulance rushed her to a hospital. Her friend Robert Mitchell Lyles 42 was found dead of more than one gunshot wound inside the shed. Both are from Bacliff.

Police officers investigating what could be the county’s third reported homicide this year don’t yet have a suspect in the shootings Goetschius said.

”We’re close” he said.

The resident responding to Moffett’s plea for help found her bleeding profusely and gave her a chair to sit down on the front porch. She was conscious and alert when police found her.

The shooting happened in the same block as the house Moffett sought refuge Goetschius said. Investigators didn’t yet know what the friends from Bacliff were doing in the area.

”She relayed information that a friend of hers was in a shed across a lot behind the vacant house and officers went and found Lyles shot to death in the shed” Goetschius said.

An ambulance crew confirmed he was deceased and police secured the crime scene where they spent the next 11 hours scouring the scene for evidence Goetschius said.

”He died from more than one gunshot wound” said Goetschius noting police still were investigating how many times Lyles was shot.

Police found Lyle’s tan Ford Explorer parked in front of the vacant house.

Police spoke to Moffett and obtained a general synopsis of what transpired but investigators needed to interview her again to ask her additional questions Goetschius said.

Goetschius didn’t have a description of a suspect and asked anyone who might have witnessed the shooting to call police headquarters at 409-643-5750 or Mainland Communities Crime Stoppers at 409-945-8477.

”We’ve got some solid leads we’re following up on but at this point we need to be able to talk to her” Goetschius said of Moffett.


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