Alana Anderson had so much fun competing in the Galveston Island Beach Revue Bathing Beauties contest last year she decided she wanted the whole family to join in the fun. So her husband and in-laws took part in the competition as well Saturday.

Even Alana’s 3-year-old son Jack her mom Kyle Contreras and Kevin’s aunt and uncle Mary Lou and Bruce Butler showed up to cheer for team Anderson.

Having family around was icing on the cake for Alana whose Carmen Miranda-inspired bathing suit won over the judges winning the competition.

“Last year I wore a giant hat and knew I wanted to do something on my head again and Carmen Miranda came to mind” Alana Anderson said. “So I just immersed myself in all her movies.”

The Galveston resident did more than that. She convinced her husband Kevin to join the competition along with her father-in-law Andy and her mother-in-law Nancy.

“Last year I told my wife I’d do this with her” Kevin Anderson said. “Next thing I know she made me this suit.”

It was pretty much the same story for Andy Anderson who joined his son as two of only three men who competed.

“My wife convinced me” he said. “She kind of enrolled me without my knowledge.”

Andy Anderson was nervous to be strutting his stuff in the vintage-inspired bathing suit.

“I’m not one to get up on a stage and show off” the League City resident said. “That’s just not me.”

No one would ever mistake Scott Moga as a shy guy. The Bayou Vista resident was competing for the third time in the revue and loves that there are a few men who join in each year.

“I’ve been trying to convince other guys to get in this thing” he said. “To be truthful I’m here because where else can a guy spend hours inside a tent with 50 gorgeous women wearing bathing suits? How could you pass this up?”

Mora said the guys do not take the event as seriously as the women.

“The women get all serious and are all nervous” he said. “The guys we don’t care. We are just loose and have a good time.”

Unlike the women Moga’s outfit wasn’t a custom-made piece. In fact he found his swimming trunks shirt and captain’s hat at a resale shop in Houston.

Tiffany Moreland of Houston was for sure taking things seriously. In fact she had an entourage of people helping her get ready including her mother and sister.

With a pink suit inspired by Marilyn Monroe a pink hairpiece and pink parasol the singersongwriter and actress was able to brisk her way into the Top 10 of the competition.

She credited her helpers with getting her in the finals.

“It’s all my team” she said. “There’s no ‘I’ in team.”

Moreland Moga and the Andersons were among the 50 competitors in the revue which was started by Islanders By Choice founders Adrienne and Mike Culpepper and Will Wright.

The event which started four years ago was created to capture the romanticism of Galveston when bathing beauty competitions were the norm on the beach front and served as the precursor to the beauty pageants people are familiar with today.

The event also serves as “the official kickoff of summer in Galveston” Alicia Cahill the event’s mistress of ceremonies said.

Adrienne Culpepper said she was pleased with the turnout as hundreds of onlookers packed the top of the seawall and the beach to watch the competition.

Culpepper said the new location at 52nd Street and Seawall Boulevard across the street from The San Luis Resort is a big reason bigger crowds were able to attend.


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