A group of teenagers plays a game of soccer on the fields at Hometown Heroes Park in League City on Saturday, July 8, 2017.



All but one League City council member wants to extend a ban on drinking alcohol at all city parks.

The council will vote July 25 on a second reading of a draft ordinance that would ban alcohol consumption, possession and sales at all city parks without special permits.

Councilman Hank Dugie, who had suggested in June the city come up with a common standard for all parks that allowed alcoholic beverages, does not support the proposed ban.

“Adults in League City are responsible enough to make their own decisions,” Dugie said.

The council voted 7-1 in favor of the ban July 11 at the first reading, with Dugie being the one opposed.

Dugie was one of the sponsors of a proposed ordinance change that would have allowed alcohol at all city parks, but other council members asked for changes that resulted in a draft with the opposite effect.

Councilman Greg Gripon was the second sponsor of the first proposal. Dugie and Gripon’s idea was to come up with one standard for all parks. The existing ordinance hasn’t been updated since 2001 and referred to older parks by name, they said. That left questions about newer parks.

“All we are doing is clarifying our ordinance,” Gripon said.

All council members agreed at both meetings no one should be allowed to drink or sell alcoholic beverages at organized youth sports events.

After council members raised questions at the June 27 meeting, they voted to postpone the item until July 11. Several council members asked for clarification from the city’s legal staff and asked for a draft to clear up some confusion.

One of the questions council members had was a hypothetical: “What if you are having a family reunion, and children you do not know show up to play an informal ballgame. Can you still drink?”

City Attorney Nghiem Doan reviewed the suggested language in the draft, he said. City staff also considered details such as what does and does not constitute a youth sport event, and also whether staff should post signs in appropriate places.

Drinking at events planned for minors is not allowed, and any changes to the ordinance would not alter that fact, city staff said.

Other examples are possible, and that is one of the reasons for the suggested changes. If someone wants to have an event, city officials want to have an ordinance in place to address the sale or consumption of alcohol in city parks, they said.

The drafted language would ban alcohol in general but create a process granting permits for events other than youth sports event, Councilman Nick Long said.

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