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PD Hyatt

Tax, tax and more tax.... When will it ever be enough for our governments.... I have never seen a tax that goes away and most of them seem to grow over time as the tax monster seems to get hungrier and hungrier as time goes by....

Marc Edelman

If I thought that this new tax would somehow be used not used as corporate welfare,I might further consider what the virtues of a new tax might be. However, without really bad track record, such as the botched job that what we did at Cabela's by basically paying 25 million dollars in sales tax rebates over 20 years to pay for their building in League City. What other businesses besides Cabela's and Big League Dreams have had their most costly asset paid for by the city. We also have a dismal record of using incentives to lure new businesses to League City without considering the impact on current businesses in League City is abysmal. If you attract one business to League City at the expense of another, that is not economic development.

Gary Miller

Marc! I share your thoughts that higher taxes would attract more business. I suspect the tax and spend Leaders ? are running out of other peoples money to spend. Higher taxes are a drag on economic growth except the growth of bank accounts of the tax and spenders asking for higher taxes.

Gary Miller

The lowest tax rate in Galveston County and the fastest growing city in Galveston County. Cut taxes to grow, raise taxes to slow.

Chuck DiFalco

Mr. Hallisey, you are out of touch with the League City citizens on this issue. With so many of these tax increase ballots failing over the years, did it ever occur to you that the citizens are tired of being nickeled and dimed? Your salesmanship is most everyone else's spin. And I was never a big Rohr fan, but blaming him for not putting lipstick on a pig nice enough redirects the blame from you for being in favor of the tax increase in the first place. So you've compounded your mistake.

Chuck DiFalco

Mr. Linklater, you and the League City Chamber of Commerce clearly have thrown your lot in with the big government types. More tax money to do what the government thinks is best for everyone, spun as "investment". Everyone pays for the benefit of the few. How nice. Economic development falls outside the basics of city government, which include only roads, water, and drainage as far as capital costs go. Impact fees on new property development should pay for whatever part of those basics that are lacking that existing property taxes don't pay for. No sales taxes for pet projects by quasi-government entities run by insiders!

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