Amanda Hoover, who is listed as the dentist for the Lakes Dental Center, recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the U.S. District Court Southern District of Texas in Galveston.

The news comes after a family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the League City dentist in August 2016 in the 405th District Court in Galveston, asserting that she had performed unneeded and expensive surgery on their son.

The father took his then 14-year-old son for a routine cleaning in March 2015, and Hoover informed the father that his son had a cavity and would need to come back, the lawsuit asserts.

When the boy came back for a filling, Hoover told the father that cavity was deeper than expected and several other teeth were “weak” and the whole procedure would cost $6,000, the lawsuit asserts.

The father, expecting to pay $300, was forced to take out a loan to pay for the visit, the lawsuit asserts.

The boy then had to return to Hoover’s multiple times for adjustments and remained in pain, eventually resulting in the family contacting another dentist, who said the crowns needed to be replaced and that there wasn’t any indication they were needed, the lawsuit asserts.

Since the initial filing, several other plaintiffs have joined the lawsuit against Hoover.

The phone number listed for the dentist’s office has been disconnected.

Contractor payments

A roofing company recently filed a lawsuit against the general contractor of a project at Silverleaf Resorts, asserting that it wasn’t paid for the work it did.

Sun Roofing LLC filed the lawsuit against T&G Corporation doing business as Bowhead Roofing in Henderson County, but the case was transferred to Galveston County Court at Law No. 2.

The two sides agreed to a contract of about $47,000 for Sun Roofing to remove and replace a roof at a time share area of Silverleaf Resorts, but the project lasted much longer than expected and required an additional cost of $17,816, the lawsuit asserts.

“Defendant made an initial payment of $27,000, but even after plaintiff fully performed its obligations under its agreement with defendant, it is owed $33,182 which it has refused to pay,” the lawsuit asserts.

Robert Booth, the attorney representing the contractor in the suit, disputes the assertions.

“They are billing for work they either didn’t do or was done incorrectly,” he said.

Immigration cases

Immigration courts across the United States are looking at about 100,000 more cases than there were a year ago.

Recent data shows a court backlog of 598,943 immigration cases or an uptick of about 100,000 from 492,978 from 2016, according to information provided by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University in New York.

Texas is home to 112,643 of the total immigration backlog cases, data shows.

Most of the courts’ backlog is because of immigration violations, accounting for 95,807 of Texas’ 112,643 cases.

Texas immigration courts have a backlog of 3,343 cases involving criminal activity, data shows.

Home improvement

A couple are suing a house-flipper and an inspector after finding several issues with a house in Texas City.

The lawsuit, filed by Nicholas Scofield and Amanda Sanders in the 10th District court, asserts that Edwin Draviam and his company, Saro Enterprises, did not fix foundation issues he knew about while a property in the 300 block of 12th Avenue North was being renovated.

“There was no supporting beam under the first-floor stairway wall; the left side of the kitchen floor was completely rotten; and the brick wall on the back of the house was completely rotten,” the lawsuit asserts.

Draviam said he did not know about any issues with the property, the lawsuit asserts.

The inspector of the property, Juan Aguilar of Tejas Superior Inspections, similarly reported no defects, the lawsuit asserts.

The couple is suing for negligence and fraud and has requested a jury trial.

The defendants have filed a general denial of the account.

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