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Ron Shelby

Properties are already under reappraisal at this moment as of January 1.

Kerry Neves

It is a 4 year term, not 6.

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

Thank you Judge Neves. We've corrected it online and will run a print correction in Saturday's paper.

Dwight Burns

Who we elect to political offices can and do directly effect our lives. Case in point: The election of George Bush to The Railroad Commissioner's post is having dyer consequences on Galveston Counties' recovery efforts following Hurricane Harvey. Thousands of homeowners are suffering as a direct result of his inept approach to the office. When he fired the seasoned staff, he put all our lives in jeopardy, as was and is being proven as.I post. Galveston County is in a mess. Those who endorsed candidates who help to create this mess should not be reelected. Period,

PD Hyatt

And people who run up massive bills suing people and then have the taxpayer pick up the tab should not be elected to the office either....

PD Hyatt

thank you Judge Cox for clarifying that you are for spending a fortune on the Ike Dike. This along with the affair of spending a fortune of our money to get at your political opponent and leaving us to pay the tab is just more reason to not vote for you....

Ron Shelby

I am tired of personal animosities (no matter how you "spin" them to the public) getting in the way of good county governance.

Don Johnson

If the Daily News is accurately reporting what happened at this forum, it’s unconscionable that Mark Henry was taking advantage of misunderstandings about how disaster reappraisal would work if adopted by the county. Instead of promoting falsehoods and upsetting someone to the point of tears, the County Judge should have honestly told everyone a vote FOR disaster reappraisal by county commissioners’ court only impacts county taxes. Property tax values for cities, school districts, etc. can only be included in a disaster reappraisal if each of their governing bodies vote to be included in such and they agree to share the $22 per parcel charge being demanded by the Chief Appraiser. This is one of the most significant failings of Mark Henry, he appears to have no reservation about using deceptive misrepresentations to win over support for his agenda. And, in my opinion honesty should not be a negotiable character quality for our elected officials.

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