Is there anybody better for advice than our dads?

There’s something about the wisdom conveyed by our fathers that stick with us for our lifetimes.

”My father always said ‘Remember who you are and where you come from’” said Randa Gilbert of Texas City of the best advice from her father Randy Gilbert. ”(That advice) did wonders for my self-esteem. He still says it and it still makes me feel good about myself.”

In honor of the insight our fathers offer us — even if we’re not really paying attention — The Daily News asked dozens of readers for the best advice their fathers gave.

Vincent ”Mo” Alvarez a former NASA flight engineer always told his son ”Stand up for what you believe in and be proud of yourself for who you are” D.J. Alvarez of League City said.

Sometimes dad’s advice will go in one ear and out the other. Not for Kathy Templeton of League City.

”Although my dad thinks we never listen to him I do remember a couple of things” she said. ”‘Life’s not fair get used to it. Get your college degree — it’s something that can never be taken away from you. And if you don’t count your pennies how can you keep up with the dollars?’”

And for those who maybe didn’t listen to dear old dad?

”My dad still tells me ‘You should have listened to my advice’” Kristen Featherly Catching of Bacliff said.

Joanna George McDonald who grew up in Texas City and now lives in Austin is the daughter of former Texas City High School football coach Joe George. His advice wasn’t much different from what he told his players.

”‘Don’t quit no matter what’” she said of her dad’s favorite credo.

Jacque Matthews of Texas City said her dad pulled inspiration from his coaching days as well.

”‘Winning is everything’” Matthews said of her dad’s guidance. ”‘If you lose get up and try again.’”

Jill Eisnaugle of Texas City recalls her father Al telling her ”With a last name like ours change it if you marry don’t ever hyphenate it” she said.

Patricia Anderson of Texas City also got some marital advice from her father.

”‘Patsy when you get married never go to bed mad at each other’” she said. ”My dad was right. Who wants to wake up to a grouchy husband?”

Some dads kept the advice to just one word.

”My dad said to me right before I walked down the aisle (to get married) ‘Patience’” Lisa Cisneros Matus said of her father Richard Cisneros. ”I reflect on that often and apply it to many aspects in my life.”

Mark Elliott of League City said his dad John Elliott reminded him ”Can’t never did anything.”

Sometimes the advice is clich but still works.

”‘If you don’t have anything nice to say about anyone don’t say nothing’” Bobby Treadway of La Marque said was the advice he got from his dad.

Or this from Texas City code enforcement officer Randall Johnston’s dad ”‘If you’re going to be stupid you better be tough.’”

Joe Conti of Galveston said his dad also had advice about doing dumb things.

”‘Don’t be stupid’” he said. ”‘Do the right thing in life.’”

Then there’s the practical advice.

”‘Righty tighty lefty loosey’” Melissa Mattes Tortorici said her dad told her.

There’s also the advice from Marci Padgett Gerhardt’s dad Bill Dillon of Texas City.

”‘Guys are only after one thing so make them wait’” she said. ”To this day he still tells the granddaughters the same thing.”


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