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Terry Moore

We have been very lucky with our post lady and others who deliver. I feel like they are overworked as they are working after it gets dark sometimes. Yes I may get two deliveries as some days they deliver the mail then backtrack and deliver packages. My complaint is more with the post office itself. Sometimes during peak times they have one clerk and the wait can be 30 minutes to an hour. I have been there with long lines and it could be 3 clerks then they leave and there is one. There should at least be 2 at all times in my opinion.

Leigh Cowart

Our mail is consistant... however I had a complaint when on vacation, after I put mail on hold and even confirmed with an extended request, we came home to find it had been delivered the whole time. Please make sure to voice your concerns, they may shake up and fix what's broke eventually.

Boiproud Boiproud

I have had spotty service for quite a while. I didn't know it was as bad as what was reported today. Last week I got a late notice on a bill. I knew I had sent a payment using the mail and checked my records to confirm this. The check never arrived at my bank and I got a $25 late fee. I know the snafu could be anywhere, but I think the chances of the error happening here are more likely after reading the story this morning. JMO.

Karen Sawyer

i live on Ave O, always get mail for O1/2 and Q. frustrating

Sharon Best

I live right across from Cindy Schultz and also did not receive mail for a week as she stated. Happened again today. There is no way I don't have at least one piece of mail. I also have a package to be delivered. Below is the tracking information. I sit here at 8:15 p.m. and still no delivery. Someone needs to held responsible for this poor service.

DEC 04
9:52 AM
Out for Delivery Galveston, TX
DEC 04
9:42 AM
Sorting Complete Galveston, TX
DEC 03
9:33 AM
Arrived at Hub Galveston, TX

Sharon Best

Correction. Just received package notice at 8:30. Said it was delivered 40 minutes ago, but that part is incorrect. Still no mail.

Randy Chapman

Sharon, they do that all the time, even though they have no intention of delivering the package until the next day. The reason is simple; it stops the clock for the shipper, thereby USPS is meeting their contractual requirements. Tracking with USPS is a farce at best. If you order from Amazon, cringe every time you see it's being shipped via USPS.

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