A drainage project along Gum Bayou that one county commissioner said likely could have reduced flooding for many in Dickinson during Hurricane Harvey is a step closer to starting.

For three years, the county’s engineering department has been attempting to secure land along Gum Bayou south of FM 646 and south of 20th Street in an unincorporated area near Dickinson, county engineer Michael Shannon said. The project will widen the bayou by sloping its banks in an area affecting about 9,800 people, Shannon said.

County commissioners voted unanimously Monday to seek bids on the Gum Bayou channel improvements. The vote also authorized the acquisition of three parcels of land needed for the project, Shannon said. Another two parcels also are needed for the project.

“One of the things that has been out there is that we’ve had this big storm and nothing has been done,” Commissioner Ken Clark said. “On this particular project, we started three or four years ago. If the project would have been completed before Harvey, we would have had damages reduced for some in the Dickinson area.”

The effort is among Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery projects approved after Hurricane Ike, according to county documents. The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development allocated about $3.2 million toward the project, which was administered through the state’s general land office, according to documents.

The aim is to widen the banks along part of Gum Bayou, a tributary of Dickinson Bayou, to push more water through more quickly during heavy rains to prevent flooding, Shannon said. The money allocated for the land acquisition and construction is budgeted to be spent this fiscal year, making Sept. 30 the hard deadline, he said.

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Jose' Boix

Seems like a great effort, but just consider these facts below:
The County has three propositions on the November 4, 2008 ballot. They are:
Proposition 1 = $75 Million for Road Improvements
Proposition 2 = $15 Million for Drainage Improvements
Proposition 3 = $45 Million for Facilities Improvements and New Construction

Proposition 2 = This proposition would focus on de-snagging and otherwise alleviating flooding along Dickinson Bayou and the Dickinson Bayou Watershed. Another $10 million would be spent to battle longtime flooding problems along Clear Creek including construction of a detention area. It was understood that with partnerships from the Harris County and Brazoria County flood control districts the project could reduce flooding by as much as 2.5 feet along Clear Creek.

So fast forward to 2017, and we – the voters - approved an $80M Bond for a variety of additional projects, and accordingly, we don’t really know what happened with the $135M approved 2008.

It is great to read all these posts about projects, bonds, State funding, etc. but "we" don't really have a clear and detailed accountability of not only if these projects were done, but less if they were effective. Isn't it time to get such reports?

Michelle Aycoth

There is nothing around Gum Bayou south of 646, who are you trying to prevent flooding ?
Sounds more like developers wanting better drainage so they can build more homes in League City and just south of 646.
I think if developers want this they should pay for.
Andrew Aycoth

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