Elizabeth Quigley

Elizabeth Quigley of Galveston stands by her car in front of the U.S. Post Office in League City on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. Quigley made a complaint to the League City Police Department claiming that Councilman Dan Becker verbally attacked her at the post office Monday.


A Galveston woman claims Councilman Dan Becker verbally attacked her Monday at the U.S. Post Office, 240 W. Galveston St.

Elizabeth Quigley of Galveston made a complaint to the League City Police Department after the incident, stating she felt threatened because Becker used a loud, angry tone and she felt she was being verbally pushed around, according to the event report.

Becker denies that happened, but he was at the post office in League City on Monday, he said.

“The only thing that occurred out of the ordinary was that I helped a gentleman who was confined to a wheelchair to get access to his vehicle so that he could back into it to leave,” Becker said in a text message.

Quigley told police that Becker screamed at her and verbally attacked her because of how she had parked, according to the event report.

Susie Jones also was standing in line at the post office when a man in an orange jumpsuit stormed in and started yelling, she said.

He demanded to know who had parked an SUV in a handicapped zone as the startled lunchtime line of customers stared at him, Jones said. When no one answered, he yelled again, Jones said.

“The two postal people just kept their heads down,” Jones said.

Quigley was near the front of the long line and had almost made it to the counter when she spoke up and said it was her car, Jones said.

He continued to yell at her as she went outside, where she pointed out she was not in a handicapped spot, Quigley said.

“I felt like we should do something,” Jones said. Jones did not know Quigley or Becker before the incident, she said.

When Quigley first saw Becker in the orange jumpsuit yelling in the post office, she wondered whether he were an escaped prisoner, she said.

After the incident, someone else in line said the man was Becker and that he was on the city council, both Jones and Quigley said.

“We were all in shock,” Quigley said.

Becker said Wednesday he had seen a man in a wheelchair who couldn’t get to his vehicle, and he offered to ask the driver of the vehicle parked in the next spot to move.

Quigley was rude and unwilling to move her vehicle at first, but she moved it and went back inside the post office, he said.

“It is not at all surprising that such a selfish and callous individual would then lie about what happened and try to blame someone else,” Becker said.

Quigley had handicapped plates on her vehicle, but she was able to walk and should not have parked there, Becker said.

Quigley, who owns an insurance company in Nassau Bay, also works as an advocate for the elderly, she said.

The police have not charged Becker for the disturbance, spokesman Kelly Williamson said.

In 2013, Becker and fellow Councilman Dennis OKeeffe got into a shoving match, which turned into a physical fist fight at city hall, The Daily News reported at the time.

Both Becker and OKeeffe were charged with disorderly conduct, but Galveston County District Attorney Jack Roady dismissed the case because of a lack of evidence.

In 2016, a League City group organized a recall of Becker, but it did not gather the 6,000 signatures needed to start the process.

Valerie Wells: 409-683-5246; valerie.wells@galvnews.com


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Walter Manuel

"Quigley had handicapped plates on her vehicle, but she was able to walk and should not have parked there, Becker said".

Hey Superman (Dan Becker), I have a news flash for you and the obviously short fibers that trigger your emotional outbursts in your little brain. Just because someone can "walk" in your opinion, doesn't mean that they aren't handicapped, just as someone dressed in an orange jumpsuit shouldn't appear to others as if they are a jail inmate.

Perhaps this innocent woman at the post office has a medical condition that she and her doctor feels justifies her needing a handicap placard and she certainly doesn't need to divulge to you or anyone else for that matter her protected health information.

Perhaps Mr. Becker, you would better serve the citizens of League City and elsewhere if you did not serve as a city councilman especially seeing how you appear to be hot headed and feel entitled by your city council seat.

See Mr. Becker, I don't even know you in order to form an opinion about you, but without having all of the information like you didn't have with this woman, you obviously intended on causing a public display when it was warranted.

You obviously owe everyone involved in this situation an apology and should perhaps make an attempt at attending some anger management classes seeing your past history.

Your actions were certainly NOT what someone would expect coming from a city council member. Shame on you sir!

Ron Binkley

Well said Walter!

Van Jones

Mr Manuel, you are on point!

Walter Manuel

Ooops! "See Mr. Becker, I don't even know you in order to form an opinion about you, but without having all of the information like you didn't have with this woman, you obviously intended on causing a public display when it was "NOT" warranted".

Blanca Bell

Orange jump suit? Did he parachute in???

David Smith

If she has handicapp sticker or plates .. shes ENTITLED to park there.. If you want to play handicap cop.. holler at the ones that dont have the right to

Rusty Schroeder

Mr. Becker better not go to the La Marque Wal Mart, he would explode.

Ron Shelby

It did not say whether the handicap designation on her car was for herself or someone else (like a spouse). It matters. If its for someone else, its illegal for her to use its benefits. But in this case, it sounds like her vehicle was not in a handicap spot, but the spot may not have been drawn in a way that allowed easy wheelchair access (Like a cross hatched area next to the spot that you'd see in another location). That's not her fault but its not discourteous to ask if someone might move a car to allow a wheelchair bound individual to get out. The number of handicapped spots tends to be very limited. Out of courtesy, even if they have the handicap sticker on their car, those who are having a good mobility day will tend not to use a handicapped spot out of consideration for those who are having a bad day. They have those days themselves and sometimes can't find a spot. Its a self regulating need and part of being a good and courteous neighbor. Simply better manners.

Diana Dow

Am I the only person who found the phrase 'going postal' to be an extremely bad choice for the headline?

Bill Cochrane

Diana, I'm no expert on headline writing, but I think headlines are written in a way to get the readers attention. The words, going postal, without quotes in the headline are just a way to bring attention to the story. No one in the story is quoted as saying that. I think that since the event happened at the post office, it's a cute headline. Got your attention. Made ya look! - LOL

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