Days after Mayor Pat Hallisey asked for information about turnover in upper-level managers, another director left.

Queenell Fox, the human resources and civil services director, tendered her resignation Thursday after problems with a routine audit.

The resignation was effective immediately and followed questions about inaccurate information provided to the finance department for a routine audit, according to a statement the city issued Monday.

It was unclear on Monday exactly what the inaccurate information was.

Such audits are conducted annually to ensure the city is properly adhering to procedures and policies.

City Manager Mark Rohr addressed the inaccuracies and determined Fox did not benefit personally, he said.

The League City Police Department also looked into the matter to determine whether any criminal violation occurred. The district attorney’s office declined to pursue charges.

“We are public servants and we have to do our due diligence,” city spokesman Angel Lopez said. “Taking the matter to the police and sending the findings to the district attorney were part of that process.”

“It is essential in performing the city’s business that we adhere to our rules and regulations and maintain the highest possible standards in discharging our duties,” Rohr said in the statement.

“Although I liked Queenell as a person and think she made many contributions to the organization, she suffered a serious lapse in judgment that could not be tolerated.”

April Patterson is the acting human resources director. The city’s web page already reflects the change.

The city administration has studied the turnover rate and found it was not unusual when compared to other cities, Lopez said.

The mayor sent an email to the city secretary and other administrators Oct. 12 asking to review any exit contracts for dismissed upper-level managers who the city had dismissed in the past three years.

Valerie Wells is a reporter at The Daily News and can be reached at 409-683-5246 or


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Marc Edelman

Should read, "The city administration has studied the turnover rate and found it was not unusual when compared to other cities he has worked at," Lopez said."

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