The League City government is now using new financial system software.

Accounting, accounts payable, purchasing and cash receipting as of Oct. 1 are managed through the Tyler Munis system. The city purchased the software from Plano-based Tyler Technologies for $1.07 million to replace an IBM system installed in 1989.

The old system had green text in block letters and was cumbersome to use, said city spokeswoman Angel Lopez. The new system is easier and is available 24 hours a day.

Vendor self-service will give businesses access to web-based purchase orders, invoice status, contracts, bids and payment information. Vendors can enter and maintain their contact and remittance information, discount and payment terms and applicable commodity codes to identify the goods or services that they have available to the city. The city will notify vendors on this list by email of bid opportunities based on classification vendors select when they register.

Human resources, payroll, utility billing, and land management systems will also migrate to the new system in the coming months. Residents will be able to apply for permits, request inspections and pay bills online. The rollout will happen in stages throughout the coming year.

City employees spent six weeks training on the new system.

This implementation will make the administration of the city much more efficient, City Manager Mark Rohr said.

Anyone doing business with or wants to do business with the city should register as a vendor at

Valerie Wells is a reporter at The Daily News and can be reached at 409-683-5246 or


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