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PD Hyatt

If people would not come across the border illegally and actually thought about their children before becoming a criminal then the children would not be in this position.... If we are going to say that no crimes were broken then why do we have any laws on the books if we are not going to enforce them.... The media can make a sob story out of anything and what they are real good about is NOT telling the whole truth and the whole story.... Of course that is what I have come to expect from any of the local media as they seem to have a real problem reporting the truth but have no problem reporting half truths or what they used to call out right lies....

timothy spencer

" “Dreamers,” a term based on never-passed proposals in Congress called the DREAM Act that would have provided protections for young immigrants. The DREAM Act — Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors — was a federal proposal that offered protections for immigrants brought to the United States as young children.

But it didn’t become a law."
This article contains a lot of words but did I overlook "illegal aliens"? As you wrote it never became a law and the laws in ths country dealing with these matters needs to be strictly enforced, period. Not enforcing the law is the fault of our politicians but now is the time to get back to doing things according to the law.

Randy Chapman

Many if not most reporting on the immigration issue leaves out the fact that all this started with ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIENS. It's simple really; respect our laws and do things the right way. Sorry that some kids' parents were idiots and thought they could do as they wanted, and now the kids may have to go live with the parents in the native country, but laws are laws, and they are needed.

Christopher Smith

Great story! Thank you Valerie and Daily News for reporting this complicated story. I love that these families are working so hard to chase their American dreams. They are truly productive members of society, giving back so much to the community and to their families. I hope our immigration laws get fixed so that folks like these can live and work here without the fear of being deported.

Jose' Boix

The featured Martinez family; just like I was blessed and fortunate to have, was a seemingly defined path to Citizenship. The travesty, in my opinion is that: There is no confirmed path to Citizenship (often twisted as Amnesty), and there is no effective enforcement mechanism. We keep adding patches and acts, and we can't even enforce these newly created approaches. And at the end, there seems to be a consensus that it would be impractical - and probably impossible to do - to deport all illegals/undocumented. So we continue to reach an impasse. Just my thoughts.

Gary Miller

Most of them grew up as Americans. Unfortunately 107,000 of them have criminal records. About the same as American youth records. If they learned english, have jobs, pay their taxes, have no criminal record and want citizenship they have earned it. One string should be included, no voting for one election cycle or 6 years.

Jose' Boix

Mr. Miller, from my experience I immigrated into this great Country, November 1960 with a Visa, entered the refugee program within days and eventually was able to become a Citizen November 11, 1969. Only then I was able to exercise my right and privilege to vote.

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