Two Galveston County bars are facing a lawsuit asserting they served alcohol to a patron who’d already had too much to drink, leading to an accident.

Jarrell Bryant filed a lawsuit June 2 against ADA Investments and A&D Interests doing business as Heartbreakers Gentlemen’s Club and Jackie’s Brickhouse, asserting they had given Eric McDougle too much to drink despite him being intoxicated.

McDougle left Heartbreakers, 3200 Interstate 45, late Sept. 30, 2016, or early the next morning and rode his motorcycle to Jackie’s, 1053 Marina Bay Drive, Kemah, the lawsuit asserts.

After leaving Jackie’s, McDougle could not drive his motorcycle and had an accident with Bryant, the lawsuit asserts.

Bryant suffered multiple injuries, including a leg amputation, as a result of the accident, the lawsuit asserts.

The defendants filed an answer, asserting the accident was not their fault and was the result of McDougle and Bryant’s negligence.

The lawsuit was filed in the 212th District Court.

Sea sickness

The widow of a former mariner is suing a Galveston ship owner, asserting her husband got sick and died because of working conditions on the boat.

Raquel Perez, the widow of Elias Perez, filed suit against Ryan Marine Services and the M/V RMS Citation July 10 in the 122nd District Court.

Elias Perez got pneumonia and told one of his superiors he was experiencing shortness of breath and chest pain Oct. 20, 2016, the lawsuit asserts.

The supervisor tried to contact another Ryan Marine employee to get medical attention for Perez, but the other employee didn’t answer phone calls until Oct. 23, the lawsuit asserts.

The employee gave permission to bring the ship back and Perez was rushed to a hospital and placed in intensive care, the lawsuit asserts.

Perez then died Feb. 28 after being officially diagnosed with pneumonia, the lawsuit asserts.

The ship staff and Ryan Marine were negligent because the boat wasn’t kept in a reasonable state of repair, and there were dangerous conditions on the boat, the lawsuit asserts.

The lawsuit requests a jury trial.

Legal appointment

The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas has appointed a new legal director to lead several of its high-profile cases in the state.

Andre Segura, of Houston, was named the group’s legal director last week, officials said.

He is part of the ACLU’s ongoing case against Senate Bill 4, officials said.

Senate Bill 4 is a law recently signed by Gov. Greg Abbott meant to stop so-called sanctuary cities, a term that generally refers to cities that refuse to cooperate in detaining people because of their immigration status.

Segura has previously been a senior staff attorney for the immigrants’ rights project at the ACLU’s national office, officials said.

Trials this week

It’s a busy week at the Galveston County courthouse, with three cases bound for trial, Assistant Criminal District Attorney Bill Reed, the felony division chief, said.

The 122nd District Court will try a case against Billy Denison, 38.

Denison is charged with intoxication manslaughter after police received a call in September 2015 about a major accident involving a sedan and a motorcycle on the northbound lanes of Galveston’s causeway.

Officers responded and found the driver of the motorcycle to have life-threatening injuries.

Officials transported him to John Sealy Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The other trials of the week include a possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute against Charles Lynch in the 405th District Court and an assault of a family member with previous convictions against Carlos Compean in the 56th District Court, Reed said.

Dangerous scaffold

A man is suing Valero Energy Corp. and The Brandt Companies, asserting he suffered severe injuries while working at the Texas City refinery.

Guillermo Mendez filed the lawsuit July 6, asserting that he had been working at Valero’s Texas City refinery Jan. 29 when he was required to use a scaffold.

The safety bars weren’t installed correctly, and Mendez fell on his head, the lawsuit asserts.

“As a result, defendant suffered serious injuries to his brain, neck and shoulders,” the lawsuit asserts.

The scaffold belonged to The Brandt Companies, according to the lawsuit.

“As a result of his injury, plaintiff was hospitalized for a long period of time, had a very long and painful recovery, and continues with debilitating symptoms including pain and weakness on his arm, hand, shoulder, serious headaches, diminished brain function and neck pain (among other things),” the lawsuit asserts.

Mendez is seeking more than $1 million in damages.

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