LEAGUE CITY — In response to recent drilling proposals that drew resident concerns League City has drafted revisions to its drilling regulations.

The city council instituted a drilling permit moratorium in January to amend its ordinances which city officials are having a public hearing on at 6 p.m. today at council chambers.

Council members have granted tentative approval for an oil drill near the 900 block of Texas Avenue. A final vote on the proposal will come Tuesday.

Developer Lynn Watkins resubmitted a proposal he withdrew in October to rezone land in the Magnolia Creek subdivision for drilling. Watkins submitted the proposal before the council passed the permit moratorium.

The city’s amendments propose an increased distance of at least 600 feet between a well bore and residences public or private parks religious centers hospitals public or private schools and day care boundaries.

An applicant would have to list potential areas where mineral rights can be accessed and all potential pipeline locations which would factor into the council’s decision on whether to grant a drilling permit.

For noise regulation the city has proposed requiring a pre-drilling ambient noise level study. Based on the study city staff would determine the noise level a company would be required to maintain during drilling and site operation.

The revisions would amend the zoning ordinance so an applicant wouldn’t have to seek an industrial district zoning change. An applicant would have to seek only a special use permit.


At A Glance

WHAT: City council and planning and zoning commission joint public hearings on proposed amendments to regulations for oil and gas well drilling excavation mining and pipelines.

WHEN: 6 p.m. today and 6 p.m. Feb. 15

WHERE: Council chambers 200 W. Walker St. in League City

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