A Houston woman is suing Victoria’s Secret in the Galveston County District Court, accusing her boss at the Baybrook Mall store of abusing her and giving her anxiety attacks and chest pains.

Lorelei Barrilleaux filed the lawsuit against Victoria’s Secret Stores and her boss, Grace Tan, Oct. 5 in the 10th District Court, seeking between $100,000 and $200,000 in damages.

Barrilleaux applied for a job at the Baybrook Victoria’s Secret in September 2016, the lawsuit asserts.

The store manager, Tan, told Barrilleaux that the starting salary was $12 an hour for a sales position, but would be $14 an hour for a bra specialist, the lawsuit asserts.

Barrilleaux accepted the bra specialist position and started working Oct. 21, 2016, but was paid $12 an hour, despite assurances she would earn $14 an hour, the lawsuit asserts.

“Although the petitioner was assigned as the bra specialist, she was given no training and had to learn on her own,” the lawsuit asserts.

Shortly after she began working, Barrilleaux became friends with Tan and the two began socializing, despite Tan saying that doing so was discouraged between management and staff, according to the lawsuit.

Tan would request rides from Barrilleaux sometimes, the lawsuit asserts.

“By February 2017, Ms. Tan was even asking petitioner to do such favors as dye Ms. Tan’s hair, pluck her eyebrows, and give her rides to and from work, shop for her, cook for her and more,” the lawsuit asserts.

The relationship had changed by March when Tan started abusing and criticizing Barrilleaux, the lawsuit asserts.

Barrilleaux eventually took several days off in the middle of March to emotionally recover from the abuse and then called the company’s ethics department on March 19, according to the lawsuit.

“All the while the abuse was continuing, the petitioner’s sales were exceeding expectations and she received recognition for outstanding sales performance,” according to the lawsuit.

Barrilleaux then noticed she wasn’t being paid for commissions she should have received and wasn’t being credited for sales, the lawsuit asserts.

Barrilleaux told the bra specialist supervisor about the issues in April and said that she was having anxiety attacks and chest pains, but nothing changed, the lawsuit asserts.

Barrilleaux eventually had to get medical help and see a therapist about emotional distress, the lawsuit asserts.

Defendants have yet to answer the complaint.

ADM injuries

A prominent Houston litigator is taking on the case of a man asserting he was injured while working for Archer Daniels Midland Corp. in Galveston.

Attorney Tony Buzbee filed a lawsuit on Friday on behalf of John Fernandez in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas against Archer Daniels Midland, records show.

“Within the last year, there have been 13 amputations and three deaths at Archer Daniels worldwide,” Buzbee said.

Fernandez was working as a millwright for ADM on Aug. 1 when he and his crew were asked to move grain from a rail to a tank, according to the lawsuit.

A crane, which is normally used to move grain, was inoperable and Fernandez and the crew were told to use an air-drive cable winch to install weights on a trolley and pulley system to move the grain, according to the lawsuit.

Fernandez was on the second floor when the weight was being moved upward and it pinned his hand to the wall, catching, the lawsuit asserts.

Fernandez lost two fingers and has nerve damage because of the incident, the lawsuit asserts.

“This is a typical case I see all the time where a worker is hurt because management cuts corners — this was absolutely preventable,” Buzbee said.

Sand issues

A sand company is suing a construction company in the Galveston County Court at Law No. 3 in a dispute about a Hitchcock sand pit.

ARK Sand Co. filed the lawsuit against Bradley Demolition & Construction, asserting officials with the construction company forged signatures on a 10-year lease agreement that was never actually executed.

The two parties are disputing over 150 acres of property in Hitchcock operated as a sand pit, the lawsuit asserts.

Before May 2012, ARK Sand officials, then operating under the name Kelley Bradley, operated the sand pit in Hitchcock, but bad economic conditions led to the group ceasing operations, according to the lawsuit.

The company then reached an agreement with Bradley Demolition that it would operate the sand pit for five years without an option to renew and that it would pay $3 a truckload for material removed from the pit, according to the lawsuit.

Bradley Demolition & Construction took over the sand pit June 1, 2012, the lawsuit asserts.

The owner of the construction company initially proposed a 10-year lease, but the suggestion was rejected because of the length of the lease, according to the lawsuit.

Ark Sand officials then approached the construction company in May 2017 to renew the lease, but was told that the agreement was for 10 years, the lawsuit asserts.

Construction company officials sent an unsigned contract June 12 and followed on Aug. 8 with a contract with a forged signature on it, according to the lawsuit.

The construction company filed a response Oct. 9, generally denying the accusations and contending that the 10-year contract was valid.

Watch the cheese

A woman is suing Moody Gardens, saying she slipped on cheese and sustained serious injuries because of negligence.

Wanda McDaniel filed the lawsuit against Moody Gardens on Sept. 11 in the 405th District Court.

McDaniel was leaving a 3-D movie theater through a gift shop when she slipped on liquid cheese and suffered serious injuries, according to the lawsuit.

“At the time of the incident, there were no visible warning signs of the defect which in all likelihood would have prevented this tragic incident,” the lawsuit states.

McDaniel is seeking between $100,000 and $200,000 in damages, according to the lawsuit.

Moody Gardens officials filed a response generally denying the accusations.

The Galveston nonprofit that operates the amusement and education complex on Offatts Bayou, then filed a motion for summary judgment on Oct. 3, arguing that the liquid cheese on the ground came from nachos spilled by a guest and that employees couldn’t have prevented the accident.

That hearing has temporarily been postponed to allow McDaniel’s attorney to better respond to the motion, said Kevin Finkel, the attorney representing Moody Gardens.

Matt deGrood: 409-683-5230; matt.degrood@galvnews.com

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