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Ron Shelby

Make it publicly clear now: What's the fate of those positions if the grant is not renewed? That's a huge chunk of money.

Clinton Stevens

Excellent news. The city and department staff should be commended for putting together a successful grant application.

Katherine Maxwell

Ron, it has been discussed many times. We pay for 1/3 up front. 2/3 next year and 100% in year three. It is in our long term financial planning docs. - Brian

Diane Brodie

Don't we also need a DA's office that will prosecute the crimes once they are investigated? Especially the drug crime prosecutions seem to be lacking in Galveston. Or so I've heard.

Carol Dean

Maybe a better idea would be to allow the Sheriff's Department to hire several new deputies.

Elizabeth Kinard

How many immigrants are committing felonies?

Elizabeth Kinard

What happened to the "sanctuary city," or "welcoming city,". Is this polical money with a purpose? Curious..

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