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Gary Scoggin

Perhaps, just perhaps, whomever is coordinating this for the GLO could work out the electrical issues at a site BEFORE delivering the trailer? It sounds a bit radical I know.

Doyle Beard

Gary seems like too the city of Dickinson gets a failing grade on the utility pole( very special condition) and need to have a little heart.

Dwight Burns

The Electrical CODE's purpose is to keep people and property safe.

It's better to be safe then sorry.

David Doe

A T-Pole is just as safe as permanent service. The nice thing about a T-Pole is it's easily removable as opposed to permanent service. When you're relying on fed assistance you're going to have to wait your turn.

Randy Chapman

Actually, what has been proposed in Dickinson, is a metered tpole set near the utility pole, and after that, wooden supports running all over the yard above ground to get the wire to the trailer. Not to any code anywhere.

Randy Chapman

Lots of stuff you can do on your own, rather than not lifting a finger to help yourself and waiting on FEMA. Most homeowners took pictures and either gutted, or removed the wet materials to limit further damage. Some though, unfortunately, believe FEMA owes them a new home, or at the very least is responsible for all their expenses. Harvey has not been the golden goose in at least one case.

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