TEXAS CITY — Police have obtained murder and aggravated assault warrants for a man sought in a weekend shooting that left one man dead and a woman hospitalized.

Bond for Brandon Marlow Miller 20 was set at $750000 stemming from gunfire in a vacant home’s shed at 2:19 a.m. Saturday in the 700 block of Sixth Avenue North Texas City police Chief Robert Burby said.

Terrie Lynn Moffett 30 suffered several gunshot wounds but she managed to reach a nearby house where she banged on the door and woke a resident for help. Moffett suffered extensive injuries and remained hospitalized Tuesday Texas City police Capt. Brian Goetschius said. She is expected to live but will require extensive rehabilitation he said.

Police searched the shed and found Robert Mitchell Lyles 42 dead of more than one gunshot wound. Moffett and Lyles both from Bacliff were friends.

Police have not learned what the friends were doing in Texas City early Saturday morning. Although Moffett was married it was not unusual for her to be with Lyles Goetschius said.

”We’re still not sure of the circumstances because we haven’t been able to talk to her” Goetschius said. ”She’s communicating with a nod of her head or arm but she’s unable to talk due to her injuries and the medication she’s under too.”

Lyles’ aunt Patti Lucas joined police Tuesday in making a plea for the public’s help in finding Miller.

”It’s important that we catch this guy” Lucas said. ”He is only 21-years-old but he is very bad. This wasn’t the first time he’s (been accused of armed robbery). He’s dangerous.”

Police learned the nickname of a suspect called Pac Man after talking with Moffett before an ambulance took her to a hospital the night of the shooting Burby said. Moffett was able to confirm the identity in the hospital Goetschius said.

Based on her identification a judge issued an arrest warrant for Miller charging him with murder and aggravated assault Goetschius said.

Lucas said Lyles’ family isn’t certain why he was in Texas City either but suspects he was trying to help Moffett.

”Robert was one of the kindest people you wanted to know” she said. ”He would help anybody at any time. He was one of those people who actually carried around the Golden Rule in his wallet.”

Lucas said her sister who is Lyles’ mother Jackie Ward of Dickinson is holding up as best as can be expected under the circumstances.

”This has been devastating for her” Lucas said. ”Robert was the last of her sons after her two others sons died. It’s hard to bury your last son.”

Funeral services are scheduled for 10 a.m. Sunday at Crowder Funeral Home in Dickinson Lucas said.

For now police and Lyles’ family are focused on getting Miller in custody.

Even Miller’s grandmother urged him to turn himself in to police.

”Whether he did it or not he needs to do the right thing” Rose Mary Miller 74 said. ”It would make the family feel much better. It’s dangerous out there. Some body may think he’s got a gun even if he doesn’t and hurt him.”

Miller who took her grandson in after his mother died said he lived with her for a while but moved out ”when he didn’t want to live by my rules.”

She said her grandson has been living on the streets ever since and worries he may have hooked up with a gang.

Goetschius confirmed that police believe Miller has a gang affiliation. He didn’t say which gang.

Miller also has arrest warrants unrelated to Saturday’s shooting charging him with a May 6 aggravated robbery of three people in the 600 block of Second Street Burby said. The victims had their wallets cash and cellphones stolen at gunpoint. Bond was set at $250000 Burby said.

Miller was charged with aggravated robbery in connection to a May 6 home invasion in the 600 block of Second Street North in which wallets cash and cellphones were stolen. He also is charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon stemming from a May 20 incident in the 5000 block of FM 1765 Burby said. Bonds for Miller on those charges totaled $750000.

Burby asked anyone with information on Miller’s whereabouts to call police headquarters at 409-643-5750 or Mainland Communities Crime Stoppers at 409-945-8477.

”Our prayers go out to the families involved in this” Burby said. ”We need to take this person off the street as soon as possible. Anyone harboring him will face appropriate charges.”

Mainland Editor T.J. Aulds contributed to this report.


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