Six prisoners are suing the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the drivers of two cars over a 2015 prison bus crash in Galveston.

Bobby Gonzalez, Larry Hastings, Markaven Jones, Clifford Lemelle, Johnny Stracener and Stephen Trapp filed the lawsuit against the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Asmeen Bhatt and Irene Trombly Nov. 13 in the 56th District Court.

The plaintiffs were in a prison bus Nov. 13, 2015, headed west on Broadway in Galveston when Bhatt hit something on the road before them, the lawsuit asserts.

The driver of the bus then had to stop the vehicle to avoid crashing into Bhatt’s car, but the bus was then hit from behind by Trombly, according to the lawsuit.

The prisoners, who weren’t given seat belts, were injured in the crash, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit blames negligence of all three defendants as leading to the crash.

The defendants have not yet filed a response in court.


A Houston woman is suing Silverleaf Resorts, contending she was injured after falling in a puddle of water.

Cecilia Wilson filed suit against Silverleaf Resorts Oct. 19 in the 122nd District Court, records show.

Wilson was at the Silverleaf Seaside Resort in Galveston on Nov. 17, 2015, when she slipped in a puddle of water inside an elevator, according to the lawsuit.

“As a result, she fell to the ground and broke her wrist,” according to the lawsuit.

Wilson seeks less than $100,000 in damages.

The defendant filed a response, generally denying the accusations.


A Galveston realty company is suing a man from Humble, arguing he illegally backed out of a contract for a house on 36th Street in Galveston.

Save 1900 Realty filed the lawsuit against Donnail Biggers Nov. 17 in the Galveston County Court at Law No. 3, asserting the two had reached an agreement for the realty company to buy a property on 36th Street for $50,000, according to the lawsuit.

Representatives of Save 1900 Realty met Nov. 10 at South Land Title to close the deal, but Biggers never came, the lawsuit asserts.

“Save 1900 was ready, willing and able to purchase the property on the agreed date of closing,” the lawsuit asserts.

Representatives later sent Biggers a demand letter, requesting that he convey the property to them, the lawsuit asserts.

“Biggers has failed and refused, and continues to refuse to convey the property, despite his obligation under the contract and the subsequent demand letter,” the lawsuit asserts.

The lawsuit seeks $100,000 in damages because of lost profits.

The defendant has not yet filed a response in court.


Monday was the deadline for an attorney representing a contracting company to file a response to a lawsuit seeking compensation for vehicles that were damaged during a road milling project on Interstate 45.

No one representing Durwood Greene Construction had filed a response as of late afternoon Monday, court officials said.

“I have heard nothing from them,” attorney William Underwood III said.

Underwood is representing almost 50 people seeking compensation for vehicles they say were damaged during a road milling project.

Durwood Greene Construction was the company performing work on the north- and southbound lanes of Interstate 45 along a 2.1-mile stretch of highway between Tiki Island and Texas City when residents started complaining about damage to their cars.

Durwood Greene Construction has not responded to numerous requests for comment.

Durwood Greene was awarded a $3.32 million contract from the Texas Department of Transportation for the project, which requires the company to keep the roadways safe for travel and in passable condition during projects, the filing asserts.

The lawsuit seeks between $200,000 and $1 million in damages, records show.

“In the crazy event they do not respond, I will get a default judgment against them,” Underwood said.

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