A judge on Tuesday sentenced a former bookkeeper and her son to prison after the pair pleaded guilty to the felony theft of $123000 a prosecutor said.

Diane Burnett 51 of San Leon and her son Rocky Christopher Burnett 31 of Bacliff pleaded guilty in February but learned of their sentences Tuesday Prosecutor Xochitl Vandiver-Gaskin said.

Judge Wayne J. Mallia of Galveston’s 405th District Court sentenced Diane Burnett to five years in prison but gave her son seven years which stemmed from the theft of $123000 from Mainland Tool in Texas City Vandiver-Gaskin said.

Burnett was in charge of matching invoices the business had with vendor accounts. Rocky Burnett ordered parts and put it on the Mainland Tool account Vandiver-Gaskin said.

A couple of times businesses called Mainland Tool to verify the purchase on the account and Diane Burnett would be the one to confirm the order Vandiver-Gaskin said.

“They did it at two auto parts stores and at tire places and it added up to more than $123000” Vandiver-Gaskin said.

“She gave a statement that it started out when her car needed work and Rocky’s a mechanic. She told him to get the parts for her car and to put it on the Mainland Tool account.”

Rocky Burnett ordered expensive batteries and sold them at flea markets Vandiver-Gaskin said.

When police arrested Diane Burnett she was listed as having the last name Shaw.

The day of her arrest an attorney filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against her employer claiming her boss forced her to drink smoke marijuana and engage in obscene sexual conversations.

Burnett dropped the lawsuit in December 2010 court records state.

The Burnetts are eligible for parole after serving one-third of their sentences Vandiver-Gaskin said.


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