League City Police are not further investigating some seemingly odd facts about a woman who died Jan. 27 as she walked in the middle of a street and was struck by a car.

Natalya Sergeyevna Ogorodnikova, 38, of Webster, died when a car struck her about 7 p.m. Jan. 27 in the 2500 block of West Marina Bay Drive in League City, police said.

Ogorodnikova was carrying $4,577 in cash, three passports and several other forms of identification when a car hit her, according to police reports.

A 23-year-old Houston man was driving the white 2008 Saturn Vue that struck and killed Ogorodnikova, police said.

League City Police do not believe any foul play was involved, spokesman Kelly Williamson said.

Police reports have so far not indicated why Ogorodnikova had been walking in a traffic lane a little more than four miles south of her residence in Webster.

“Everything in her possession checked out as a legitimate possession, not uncommon to that of a private citizen,” Williamson said.

A property list on the incident report, which was an inventory of things Ogorodnikova was carrying when she died, includes the $4,577 in cash and three passports along with three Social Security cards, two Texas driver licenses and a private security registration, according to a police report.

While trying to contact Ogorodnikova’s next of kin, police used her various forms of identification for clues, Williamson said. Their research led them to believe all the documents she carried were legitimate, he said.

Police do not expect to file charges in the case, but officers will not close the investigation until all reports, including toxicology reports, are in, however, Williamson said.

The toxicology reports typically take about six weeks, the Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office said.

The driver was traveling in an inside, westbound lane when his car struck Ogorodnikova, police said. She was in the middle of the lane, the report stated.

“Due to the time of night, the area was dark and there were no streetlights or crosswalks,” the report stated about the accident.

Ogorodnikova was a licensed insurance agent, according to state records. She also was registered as an alarm salesperson, according to Texas Department of Public Safety private security registration records.

Valerie Wells: 409-683-5246; valerie.wells@galvnews.com


(5) comments

Cary Semar

"West" Marina Bay Drive? Where is that?

Kelly Naschke

It’s down 518 around South Shore Harbor.

David Smith

Police say having three social security cards and two drivers license are legitimate?
Are they in the same name? Are they copies?
This doesnt pass the smell test.... clarify please

Leigh Cowart

I know it's against the law to carry more than one Texas Drivers license....and 3 US Passports, 3 Social Security cards? Legitimate possessions and not uncommon for an individual to have on their person that gets killed walking in the middle of a dark roadway? Wow! Sounds like a mystery novel to me!! So, because the "spokesperson" said it's all legitimate that makes it legal?

Your reporter needs to dig a little deeper because this type of information published without any further information being provided leads me to assume this is incorrect and needs further clarification.
In my opinion more needs to be published about the facts. This article is incomplete and misleading.

Michael Smith

Our reporters don't have the power to compel the police to answer questions. We ask, they answer or they don't, which is the case here. We've asked how possession of multiple IDs can be legitimate and the police have declined to say exactly how that can be. We think, but don't know, that this person has been married several times. It could be that she had several IDs in various married names. We don't know that for a fact, however, so we have not speculated about it.

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