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Jarvis Buckley

It will be Zortman

Jarvis Buckley

It will be Zortman in my opinion.

Diane Brodie

So if you have a marketing company create a strategic plan before hiring the new port director do the candidates have to go along with the plan or do they bring their own vision?

Bill Cochrane

Too bad that no one has a vision of running the Galveston Wharves as a successful BUSINESS. Yes, a business that actually makes a profit. Gross income minus expenses equals PROFIT. The way the wharves have always been run is – Gross income, minus expenses, minus huge debt equals LOSS. Sure, the wharves contribute to the economy by paying employees that spend their money where they live. Mostly off the Island. One of my old bosses had a simple budget for his multi-million dollar corporation. “Spend less money than you bring in.” Pretty simple. The wharves have never done that. We hear of the massive income from cruise parking, but the wharves have yet to turn a profit. Here’s a “business” with massive property holdings that doesn’t even pay property taxes, and they can’t make a profit.

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