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Ron Shelby

Some services should not be considered revenue generators with a goal to break even. This is a tourist city with many service jobs. I wonder how this will impact those individuals and businesses needing those employees. The city already knows that it has a problem with affordable housing. This is also a safety issue. Especially when we're discussing night travel for these individuals. They will still need to get to and from work. Bikes and walking at night are just more expensive potential costs (ambulance, police, etc..for just one accident) that would blow away any "savings" from this move. Reconsider or approach some of the major employers with employees who might be using these services. Maybe START by surveying current riders to find out why and how they are using this service during those hours. You may find some surprises in there. Just don't look at the budget without context.

Don Schlessinger

I must say I'm very disappointed in our city council, and our city government to a person. That you would raise your hands and shrug your shoulders when discussing transportation of our least affluent islanders. I'll add to that group our liberal residents. You left wingers don't even care enough about this situation to raise a voice.

There are ways to help people that don't own Bemmers, Mercs, and Volvos Seems to me I remember a column in the GDN that the city council still has $2M+ to spend in each of the council districts. If they actually cared, instead of spending on money wasting projects to "beautify" affluent neighborhoods, why can't each council member donate their district's money to keep the buses running. By doing that we would be able to continue serving less fortunate people who have to ride a bus even in the evenings. 

Another way to keep the evening routes would be to buy passenger vans similar to say what GLS Limo drives, diesel powered for economy.  

Bottom line, the person who wrote this note is a bible thumping, gun toting undesirable who just happens to care about people less fortunate than himself.

Galveston City Council and government you should be ashamed!

Don Schlessinger

OOPS, I meant to say between all our districts there is $2M+ between all the districts.

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