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Scott Apley

This entire situation is very unfortunate. And while this latest kerfuffle is really just a microcosm of the dysfunction that the Galveston County Republican Party chair has subjected the organization to over the last year and 1/2, this time the stakes are much higher. Up until this point at least, the damage caused by the county chair has been limited to the county party. But now, there are going to be hundreds of innocent delegates, who have no responsibility for or understanding of this conflict who are going to be the victims of the actions of a rogue party chairman.

As chairman Dickey stated in his letter, people are going to be taking off of work, spending money for travel and lodging, setting aside money for meals and souvenirs, all in an effort to participate in conducting the very important business of the Republican Party of Texas. And if Carl and his handlers continue on this course, it is safe to say that there is going to be a large number of people who are going to be told that all of that investment was wasted and they will be disqualified as delegates.

The County Executive Committee, and the District Executive Committee, are two separate and distinct organizations. As the elected chairman of the Galveston County Executive Committee, Carl Has zero authority, responsibility, or say whatsoever on the matters of the District Executive Committee to which I was elected chairman in November 2016. The responsibility of conducting the Senatorial District 11 convention, rests with me. The letter from Chairman Dickey suggests as much. as stated in the article, Chairman Dickie has advised Carl that he has overstepped his authority by attempting to remove me from a position I was duly elected to. I think you have to understand that that is going to be a critical piece of information if the credentials committee in San Antonio is forced to take up the issue of determining which convention is valid. This is not about Carl and me. This is about 128 delegates and 128 alternate delegates who are on track to become the innocent victims of a rogue County Chair who believes that there no rules or laws that he is not above.

I am calling on Chairman Gustafson to end this charade and I am asking all Galveston County Republican elected officials to do the same. Not for my sake. But for the sake of the delegates who have done nothing to deserve becoming casualties of an ongoing, internal feud that they have nothing to do with.

Alison Putman

Well it's about time that the Republican Party of Texas intervened and set firm limits with rouge Chairman Gustafson and his rule breaking behavior. The County Executive Committee (CEC), which is made up of precinct chairs, has endured 18 months of his complete disregard for the rules . He fired his executive board in 2016 when they challenged his disregard for the bylaws. There is no provision in the bylaws for firing duly elected vice-chair, treasurer, or recording secretary. Only the CEC can vote in or vote out members of the executive board. More recently, he recruited 13 college educated, middle aged, white men to run against incumbent precinct chairs, who are mostly women. The precinct chairs he is trying to replace are committed party members who have called him out on his rule-breaking behavior. As it stands, the Chairman has only 5 precinct chairs who support him as evidenced in his inability to get any more than the 5 PC's to make a quorum for a legal meeting. It's as if the Chairman wants to exterminate the Republican Party in Galveston County and create a new party made up of "yes men", all white and college educated. Carl Gustafson must be stopped and the only way to do that is to VOTE HIM OUT on March 6th.

Ron Shelby

Don't be foolish: Problems in Galveston's GOP started way before Gustafson came along.

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