As tourists and locals walk past Pier 21 at the Port of Galveston, their eyes naturally wander over to a ship tied up at the pier.

The clipper Stad Amsterdam, the property of the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, looks like a ship from another time.

Launched in 2000, the Stad was commissioned by the city council of Amsterdam as an attempt to recreate a historic sailing ship in honor of the country’s sailing history.

The square-rigged ship is about 250 feet long with 31 sails, 14 luxury cabins, a pointed bow and is registered as a Dutch flagged passenger ship, officials said.

Since its completion, the ship has sailed around the world, ferrying corporate parties and city officials on day sails in the process.

The Stad arrived in Galveston on Thursday as one stop on a voyage around the world. It will remain at Pier 21 until March 25, when it will depart again for New Orleans.

The ship is not open to the public.

“This is my first time in Galveston,” said Andi Manser, captain of the clipper. “So far, it’s quite nice. I like the pelicans here.”

Manser is a native of Switzerland who ventured to the Netherlands to become a sailor.

While it is his first voyage to Galveston, the ship has been in port once before.

In 2007, the ship came to Galveston for the first time, where it docked at Pier 21, said Ernst de Haan, head of operations and logistics for the clipper.

Most recently, the Stad visited Havanna, Cuba, where Manser was most impressed by how well-cared for the cars were.

After New Orleans, the Stad heads for Tampa and Miami next month.

“It’s the best job in the world,” Manser said of the ship’s schedule.

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