GALVESTON — A raid of an island business that ended with two men jailed was not the end of a police investigation into the place Galveston narcotics-division commander Sgt. Gilbert Gomez said Friday.

Lucille’s Barbecue at 2601 Winnie has been the source of hundreds of complaint calls to police during the past 10 years according to department reports.

A report of a burglary at Yaga’s Tropical Caf 2417 The Strand last week led investigators on a trail that took them to Lucille’s Gomez said.

There officers found items reported stolen from the Strand club as well as cocaine and prescription pills.

”The pills aren’t necessarily illegal but they are if it’s not your name on the bottle” Gomez said.

Officers also found stacks of cards — Lone Star cards credit cards and University of Texas Medical Branch identification cards.

Lucille’s owner 59-year-old Herbert Lee Smith was in jail Friday under bonds totaling $337500. He faces charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of stolen property as well as misdemeanor drug and gambling charges.

In response to an interview request from The Daily News Smith told officials at the county jail Friday that he would have to confer with his attorney before commenting on the allegations against him.

Island resident Ronald Martinez 27 was also in jail under $125000 bond. He faces a burglary charge.

Some residents have told police that Smith was a neighborhood benefactor trying to help the underprivileged in the area. However others have told officers that the business is a nexus of various criminal activities.

Gomez said complaints and reports from area residents had helped the police investigation immensely.

He asked that anyone with information about drug activity anywhere in the city of Galveston call the narcotics division’s hotline 409-765-3670. Callers can remain anonymous.

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