In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr., there will be a free program open to the public entitled “Dream Reset: Saving Every Child on Planet Earth” from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Monday at Greater St. Matthews Baptist Church, 6333 state Highway 6, in Hitchcock.

Dr. Virgil A. Wood, a retired pastor and educator, who also was a 10-year working associate of Martin Luther King Jr., and a 26-year working associate of his father, Martin Luther King Sr., will be the guest speaker.

2018 serves as the 50-year jubilee of King’s death.

“This is not just another year to meet and talk about him,” Wood said. “This is his first 50-year jubilee; a time to give account of what we did with the first 50 years since he has been gone.

“More than that, it is a rededication of ourselves to go deeper into what his legacy still wants those who will still follow where his life and teaching were pointing, for the next 50, seven years at a time.”

Samuel Collins III, organizer of the program and a local historian, asked Wood to speak because of his service to the community and sacrifices he made during the civil rights movement, he said.

“There are very few people still living that worked directly with Dr. King and it is an honor for us to have Dr. Wood as our special guest speaker in Hitchcock for this 2018 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday program,” Collins said.

“He has earned the right to be heard,” Collins said. “He was not only a co-laborer in the civil rights movement with Dr. King, but also a personal friend of King’s. I consider it a privilege to call Dr. Wood a mentor and look forward to hearing his wise counsel on how we reset Dr. King’s dream to ensure we save every child on planet Earth.”

For information, call 409-256-3822.

Angela Wilson: 409-683-5239;

Angela Wilson is the community news editor for The Daily News.

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