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Carlos Ponce

"Sam county's first African-American female mayor" May 10, 2009
"Sam ousted as mayor in La Marque " May 15, 2011

Randy Chapman

Now this is funny; I don't care who you are.

Kelly Naschke

Ted Cruz just read this article...took a deep breath....let out a big “whew”, and said....”this is going to be easy”. On an even funnier note....let’s hope and pray Cruz, Sam, and Beto have a televised debate!

Kay Fritz

That will be good entertainment as Ted Cruz shreds them both.

PD Hyatt

After the name that Sam has made for herself in this area, the odds of her getting over 200 votes is slim to none....

Carlos Ponce

Remember Paul, Auntie Gerrie supported her nephew, former Hitchcock Bulldog and University of Missouri football player, Michael Sam. So she could much of the LGBTQ vote. They are few in numbers but they DO vote. Might even see a few Democrats "cross over" to vote for her.

Dwight Burns

I find this comment of yours to be repulsive at best. ComOn man!

Carlos Ponce

My comment, Dwight?

Dwight Burns

I am not a supporter of the GOP agenda, but best of luck to Ms Sam.

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