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Walter Manuel

"we have in this city to make sure that those tenants they’re leasing to are tenants that will enhance our city and not detract from our city.”

In my honest opinion, the word "discrimination" readily comes to mind with this new policy.

If the city is going to have a policy on landlords and rentals and doing routine inspections on rental property in LM, they need to understand that not all rentals are considered "public housing" as Mayor Pro Tem Keith Bell suggests.

This new policy looks like a slippery slope for a good lawsuit to me. Perhaps everyone in the city of LM who are promoting this endeavor should perhaps read the law regarding landlord/tenant contracts.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

I agree with you Walter. Housing Laws and HUD regulations have to be followed. As a former Director of Public Housing of GHA the chain of thought mentioned in article, your are right, may be a slippery slope. Establishment of HOA's in some areas may be a solution; following reasonable rental policies in regard to Section 8 may help obtain better renters as well; Or La Marque can establish her own housing authority to obtain better oversight, accountability and management of properties in La Marque.

Gary Miller

A big part of the problem is absentee owners with no reason to care because they don't have any say about what is done or proposed. Owning property and paying property taxes should provide a vote in city conduct.

sheryl tillson

Code enforcement(and the lack of) has been the biggest problem. It seems it has always been a pick and choose, depending on who knows who system, which has been going on for years. May not be in such dire straits now if the ordinances had been enforced. Old La Marque will never look like the west side, where the city admin's has their priorities.

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