Professor Jeff Temple, director of the Behavioral Health and Research in Obstetrics and Gynecology, has won the 2017 Outstanding Contribution to Science Award from the Texas Psychological Association. The award presented at the association’s annual meeting states that Temple was honored for “contributions to the advancement of psychology, medicine, public health, teen dating violence prevention and education through your research, which has directly influenced policy and has been cited within multiple state, country and legislative boards.”

Comeau ‘Circle of

Excellence’ winner

Odette Comeau has been selected as a recipient of the 2018 American Association of Critical Care Nurses Circle of Excellence Award. The Circle of Excellence Award is given annually to individuals who exemplify excellence in high-acuity and critical care nursing practice. Recipients of the award must demonstrate patient-driven excellence, model effective decision making, transform thinking, structures and processes to address challenges, enrich their own and other organizations by influencing and mentoring others, and achieve visible results that validate the impact of individual leadership contribution to organizational excellence. Recipients are recognized at the AACN National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition.

New exhibit:

African-Americans in Civil War medicine

An exhibit about the contributions of African-Americans who served as surgeons and doctors during the Civil War is at the Moody Medical Library through Dec. 15. The library is hosting the National Library of Medicine exhibition: “Binding Wounds, Pushing Boundaries: African Americans in Civil War Medicine.” The participation and contributions of African-Americans as nurses, surgeons and hospital workers have often been overlooked. This exhibit looks at the men and women who served as surgeons and nurses and how their work as medical providers challenged the prescribed notions of race and gender. The exhibit is on the second floor of the library, which is located on the Galveston campus. More information can be found at

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