League City Mayor Pat Hallisey worked tirelessly after Hurricane Harvey to help repair a city devastated on such a grand scale it was almost unfathomable.

Hallisey visited families in every flooded neighborhood, often delivering food and water, and always delivering comfort. He had been working with local and federal agencies to bring aid to League City. He made daily reports on social media to keep people apprised of the great amounts of work being done and aid being coordinated. Hallisey has been the heart of League City, leading a city in pain toward recovery.

On Oct. 9, that heart gave out. Hallisey suffered a major heart attack. He was rushed to Bay Area Regional Medical Center, where a dire circulatory issue, probably caused by his Type II diabetes, was found. As surgery began it was quickly determined that he needed to be flown see cardiovascular surgeons at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.

“They did a catheterization and were able to clear the blockage to his right leg, but the left leg still had no pulse,” Tommy Cones, a close friend of the Halliseys, said.

Another surgery was performed to amputate Hallisey’s left leg just above the knee. It was a devastating decision, but one required to save his life. In 10 days, he endured five surgeries.

“The first week was filled with surgeries and setbacks. It was definitely touch-and-go,” lifelong friend Debbie Henry said.

“I know the loss of his leg will be hard, but it made it possible for him to still be with us and for that we are so thrilled. And now this week the tides have definitely turned and all of the news has been good.

“I know the Halliseys have been overwhelmed by the love shown to them during this tough time. And they feel your prayers.

“The mayor’s wife, Janice, and daughters Ashley Hallisey and Kristi Martin, have constantly been by his side providing strength.”

After the hurricane, the Halliseys spent every waking moment giving back to the residents of League City, neglecting repair of their own flood-damaged home. Now the residents of League City are giving back to them in a big way.

Dozens of volunteers have been busily readying the Halliseys’ home for their return. While they were tearing out drywall and floors, workers leaned Hallisey will need a wheelchair during his rehabilitation, and modified the house to make everything accessible to him.

During Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts, Hallisey was often seen wearing a T-shirt saying “League City Proud-League City Strong.” Now friends and family have been seen wearing shirts that read “Pat Strong.”

Thank you to all of the friends and volunteers who have been fixing the Hallisey’s home, including: Deborah Bly, Dan Bly, Tommy Cones, Jerie Ayers Cones, Debbie Howell Henry, Marc Edelman, Dawn Jacobson, Bob Jacobson, Jay Holley, Greg Gripon, Justin R. Gripon, Roslyn Accomando, Dee Scott, Yvonne Ulert Tibai, Gloria Greene, Rusty Tidwell, Wes Churn, Jennifer Girouard Chorn, Daniel Henn, Kari Towner, Jason Suchecki, Craig Lindberg, Kem Coulter, Charlie Stegemoeller, Hank Dugie, Amy Dugie, Ange Mertens, Terry Cohn, Sebastian Lafero, Andy Mann, John Baumgartner, Dee Dee Yager Baumgartner, Sheryl DeMasters Stevens, Gene Stevens, Judy Ruhl, Dennis Ruhl, Neil Copelin, Rachel Copelin, Dallas Carter, Andre Robicheaux, Ed Hartman, Gary Jones, Murray Hinz and Lowell Cones.

Ange Mertens’ column, The A List, covers society and charity events in north Galveston County.

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