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Tino Gonzalez (from left), and Rosemary and Charles Doolin, of the Sea Star Base.


Sea Star Base Galveston was transformed into Studio 54 for its first fundraising gala, and what a haute hit the evening was.

Guests were welcomed by the Dancin’ Queen disco bus and a red carpet entrance complete with paparazzi. The fifth-floor room with a view boasted twinkling lights outside and inside where the dance floor rocked under the disco ball nonstop to the sounds of DJ Boogie.

Partygoers seen dancing the night away included Sonny and Cher, aka Alex and Kim Gonzalez, Ingrid Gonzalez, David Norris, Harriet Dues, Laurence Wall, Sissy Le Blanc, Peter Ochoa, Carolyn and John Clyburn, Kevin and Edie Harrington and Leroy and Mary Jo Naschke.

The Sea Star Base’s Tino (white clad a la John Travolta) and Denise Gonzalez, handsome Charles and Rosemary Doolin, Jennifer Goodman, Jim and Sally Galbraith, P.J. Nelson and Donna Lang were ecstatic with the filled-to-capacity room of revelers.

Gala Co-Chairs and Island Creative gurus Jeannie and Mike Janota congratulated Mikael and Kat Bouvier, owner’s of Hey Mikey’s ice Cream, for their silent auction acquisition of a beautiful Colorado château and an original Andy Warhol titled “The Factory Girl.”

Enjoying the themed evening were recent New Zealand transplants Shannon and Bryan Caldwell, a Mars Mission rocket scientist (really), along with Jack Bell, Joe and Ericka Schwenk, Jan and Tom Malone, new residents Kim and Tammy Norman, Tanya and Jimmy Jones, David Bowers, The Daily News’ own John Nagy, Brian Kuhn, Cate Black and George and Nancy Kuhn.

Praising the merits of the youth and adaptive sailing programs were Bob and Helen Bullwinkle, Susannah Mayberry, Susan Cahill, Recie Kramer, Patrick Collins, Rich Spethman and East Enders Paul Lyle and Frey Reggio. Galveston loves a party and especially one with a dress theme of which the majority of the guests adopted. It was a great evening.

Happy Birthday to Nana, the diva pup of Naughty Nana, who has a birthday on Nov. 26, dear friend Carolyn Torregrossa Gaido, Janet Cohen, Keisha Smith LeBlanc, Joyce Jahn Roberts, Diana Davison, Celeste Rochkind Stein, Rebekah Lee Doherty, Robb Rourke, Marie Vickich Groce, Jane Cherry, Joan Farmer Haney. Karen Flowers, Jeanene M. Trochesset. Bobby Eggleston, Mike Saracco, Peter Quattrini, Robin Barrera Gwinn and Joe Huff.

Frances Powell is a columnist for The Daily News. Send deets ’n’ pix of your parteez ’n’ proceedings to divascenes@aol.com or call 409-744-6540.

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