‘Twas like swimming in Champagne at the Artillery Club’s 51st annual Fat Tuesday Ball. Guests were greeted by gold and silver trimmings as they entered the magical kingdom. The high point of the evening is, o’course, when the Royal Court is announced.

Ball Captain John Smith (there with the lovely Cynthia) took the microphone and recognized Jere Pederson as Chair of the Ball and committee mems Vicki Lewis, Gerry Hornstein and Jennifer Dominguez. And to a drum roll, the ribbon bearers: Sir Seth Park, Sir Daian McDonald, Sir Benjy Shabot and Sir Jonathan Zendeh Del formed a walkway for the royalty, firstly, the board of directors took their places of honor; Prez Tom Kimbrough and Beth Scribner, Veep Jere Pederson, Trez Tony and Lisette, Past Prez Steve and Kim Conner, Kevin and Edie Harrington, Alton and Nari Todd and David and Jennifer Salyer.

Following the board came last year’s Queen Frances Powell. And to the delight of the SRO crowd came Duke George of the House of Carayannopoulos, Duke John of the House of Bertini, Duchess Gwyn of the House of Richardson, Duchess Colleen of the House of Silva. The Big moment arrived with the announcement of King Andy of the House of Odom and Her Serene Majesty Sharon of the House of Raimer. Then Bev Odom and Dr. Ben Raimer claimed their spouses for the dance. Dancing and a fabulous dinner followed.


Happy birthdays to Harvey Bazaman, Grace Mansfield, Robert Roth, Gordon Robinson, Peggy Cornelius, Divacuz Nita Broussard Wilkes, Mike and Tim Cromie, Fredell Pollack Rosen, Dr. Colleen Silva, Matthew Moreno, Robin Lusby Schaefer, Theresa Black, Helen “Bootsie” Cordray and Bennie Davis. Happy anniversary to Lisa Emmitte Nelson and Todd Nelson.

Frances Powell is a columnist for The Daily News. Send deets ’n’ pix of your parteez ’n’ proceedings to divascenes@aol.com or call 409-744-6540.

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