Super Chef di Eccezionale Dee Zimmerman and her serving team hosted the Oktoberfest Gourmet Auction Dinner at the Zimmerman’s George Flood Home in the East End Historic District.

A seven-course gourmet tour of Rome was the feature of the evening, all planned and prepared by Dee.

From antipasti to dolci, included were Pasta Al Forno, Pollo Allo Zafferano and Abbacchio Alla Romona. The dolci included Fragole con il “Mousse” de Ricotta and Tiramisu.

All courses were paired with wines that complimented the scrumptious fare. The generous guests who purchased their seats in a live auction at the 2013 Island Oktoberfest were Glen and Sheila Burnett of Sugar Land and Galveston, Divafaves Carlos and Diane Pena hosting newlyweds Matt and Stephanie Frye, Randy and Marcy Scates of Omega Bay and guests of Roger and Dee, Tom and Sue Minello.

Each year, the gourmet dinner makes a major contribution to the financial success of Oktoberfest, as the meal and wines are all donated by a benefactor.

This year’s event was sponsored by George and Sherry Black. Dee has graciously prepared the feast in five different years, she and Roger serving as benefactors on four occasions.

PBS in Galveston

Tony Morris, PBS-TV producer, was spotted in a fashionable midtown eatery enjoying the fresh fare and visiting with locals Scott Hansen (Antique Warehouse) and designer Chula Ross Sanchez.

Tony is researching Galveston’s rich history for the pilot episode of a new PBS-TV series called “American Classic,” which is described as “part home tour of beautiful historic homes, part intimate house concert.” He describes Galveston as “a gold mine of gorgeous homes and history.”

Since 1997, Morris has produced the NPR-distributed Classical Guitar Alive! radio program, which airs on more than 250 stations across the U.S. and internationally from WWFM in New York City to the Hawaii Public Radio Network.

Birthday shoutouts

Happy Mother’s Day birthday babies are mayoral-hopeful Don Mafrige, Raymond Brouillard, Diva neighbor on Powell Point Eric Hansen, Amy Quiroga, the Diva’s favorite City Councilmem Terrilyn Tarlton, Carolyn Williams, sweet Sally Galbraith, Lea Matthews, Joyce McLean, Earline Dunn and the best of the best hairdressers on the Baby Apple and DivaDarling, Nanette Olguin Smith.

Frances Powell is a columnist for The Daily News. Send deets ’n’ pix of your parteez ’n’ proceedings to or call 409-744-6540.

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