Editor’s note: This is the third of a series of columns on the Methodist Church in League City.

Planning for a new and larger church building began almost immediately for the Methodist Church in League City.

Funds were solicited, and construction began in March 1936.

Bishop A. Frank Smith officiated at the dedication service in early October 1936.

War clouds were gathering worldwide as the 1940s opened. Men from this area and this church were called away to the war. After the war, the church continued to grow and in the late summer of 1956, a building committee was formed to study the feasibility of starting a major building program.

The committee was composed of J. P. Brizendine, Mrs. L.W. Groce, Mrs. I.W. Hyde, George Carlisle, R.A. Richards Jr., L.K. Fuller, M.L. Bishop, E.W. Pell, L.R. Platzer and Mrs. H.K. Davis.

Following a churchwide spaghetti supper on Jan. 27, 1957, the adults met in the sanctuary to discuss the next step. An offer had been made to sell a large piece of land at a good price, but the land was out by the Gulf Freeway. Many members thought it would be better to build a new church in the area where Clear Creek High School was being constructed.

After much discussion, it was decided to buy the land near the Gulf Freeway, and 5 acres were purchased. Ground was broken for the new building on Mother’s Day, May 11, 1958.

Concrete for the foundation and floor was poured on June 18 and 19, and the new church building was in use by Dec. 7, 1958.

Attention was focused on the race for space as the 1960s opened, and newly elected President John F. Kennedy declared that the United States would have a man on the moon by 1970.

In September 1961, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced that the Manned Space Center (later renamed Johnson Space Center) would be built in Clear Lake.

League City was about to be transformed from a sleepy farm town as hundreds of engineers, technicians and astronauts arrived to work on the space program.

As League City grew, so did the Methodist Church. For more than a century, The Methodist Church continues to grow as League City does. Both histories intertwined, significantly contributing to the history of one another.

Throughout the years, 48 different ministers have served as pastors of this congregation. Today, they are known by name only, but every one of them did what he could to build up the church.

They were joined in their efforts by hundreds upon hundreds of dedicated laypersons who helped as Sunday school teachers, cared for the church property, sang in the choir and worked with the youth.

Together, they have built a church that has prospered the past century and strong foundation that will continue to meet the needs of our citizens.

Special thanks to the Rev. Joel McMahon IV whose assistance has been not only helpful but essential for this story.


Friday, the 4th of July starts the holiday weekend. Enjoy our freedom, be safe, be smart, be caring and remember we are all Americans. God bless America.

Chris John Mallios, a longtime resident of League City, is writing a series of occasional columns about the history of his hometown. He can be reached at mallios@comcast.net.

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