Today, the former owners of City Pharmacy, Frank and Roslyn Accomando, live a quieter life enjoying their two grandchildren.

Frank’s physical health is good, however, Ms. Accomando, recalling the death of their only son at Christmas 2012, says that she feels she has lost both her boys, one to Alzheimer’s and the other to suicide.

She shares her pride in their son, John Frank Accomando, saying, “Our son loved League City and for 15 years dedicated most of his waking hours to the care of its people through the Volunteer Emergency Medical Services.”

John loved rescue work at an early age and joined the League City Volunteer Fire Department at 16.

He also worked at the League City pool as a lifeguard and swimming instructor, teaching the water babies class.

At age 12, he became a certified scuba diver, a sport he pursued all his life. He was an explorer with the League City Police Department.

After graduation from CCHS, John received an associate degree for emergency medical technician from San Jacinto Junior College, joined Life Flight and continued his education in emergency medicine.

Accomando returned to his hometown to work for a growing EMS with Chief Gene Stevens, his mentor and friend. He became a paramedic, earning another associate degree.

Under John’s 10-year leadership as chief, EMS received the Volunteer Provider of the Year Award, and twice won the Public Information Award from the Texas Department of Health.

In 2000, the Greater Houston Area EMS Council honored him with the Administrator of the Year Award.

Ms. Accomando recalls, “John felt very strongly that it was imperative for the health and safety of its residents that his department grew as the city grew.

He wanted an EMS presence on the east side of the city, as well as west of Interstate 45. He worked to secure a donation of land on FM 270 and moved the City Council to find funding for their building.

That facility now needs an addition. LCPD Chief Daniels recalled at John’s funeral that John was a good businessman, always working the public safety director for EMS’s share of the annual budget.

John left League City to accept the job of clinical director of EMS at Montgomery County Hospital District.

After his two children were born, John received a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing with a 4.0 GPA from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

In May 2009, John reached his lifelong goal of being a LifeFlight nurse at Memorial Hermann at Houston Medical Center. His mentor was Dr. Red Duke.

In December 2012, John Accomando passed on leaving his son Andrew Frank Accomando, his daughter Lauren Ann Accomando and their mother Rachel Elaine Accomando.

His mother, Roslyn says that while they continue to mourn his death, they celebrate John’s life of service. If the family leaves a legacy, it is one of service to our community.

Chris John Mallios, a longtime resident of League City, is writing a series of occasional columns about the history of his hometown. He can be reached at

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