Possum Cat was discovered hungry, yet full of desire to survive, and found the perfect place under the restaurant foundation. Possum Cat looked like any of the other thousands of stray cats that are scared and lonely, yet do not give in.

It didn’t take long to realize Possum Cat had the gift and wisdom to find a food supply, plus the advantage of being close to people — so one day the right person would want him.

Stop! How can you feel sorry or sad when the Lazy Lizard Restaurant, that offers the best in seafood, from shrimp to fish, is also a warm, safe place to eat and grow healthy again?

Then, as happens so often on the road to success, a stranger discovered Possum Cat’s domain.

There was no choice but to face Monster Cat, and when it was over, Possum Cat had a hip torn loose and knew he had lost.

As luck would have it, Monster Cat had too many years of drifting, and this wasn’t the first fight he had won. So he took a day to savor the win and away he went, leaving no trail, except a defeated, injured foe.

Discovery, as Possum Cat discovered, is a two-sided sword.

It was costly and painful to have met Monster Cat, but out of that has come the knock-knock of lady luck, or the other side of the sword, and the job of discovery.

The restaurant owner discovered the cat and saw the damage and, as most would do, couldn’t figure out what to do. And, yes, how to get rid of it was a thought that only lasted for a moment.

Once back inside the restaurant, the owner had to tell others of the discovery of Possum Cat and all his problems. The owner asked the question, “What do we do with the cat?”

Without hesitation or plan, it was agreed Possum Cat needed a vet, but also the question drifted across the room on how to pay the costly vet bill. After all, very few chefs, waiters, or food prep people make the money to support a strange cat.

Then up popped the words, “Let’s take up a donation.”

The can was set on the counter and, to everyone’s surprise, it didn’t take long to collect the $400 needed for the surgery.

Today, Possum Cat has recovered, and with all the friends made, is now the most talked about cat in Bayou Vista. And he may soon buy his own restaurant out of donation money so he can feed people for free — as they did for him.

Stan Miller lives in Hitchcock.


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