Pi Day

Pi Day participants lie in the sun dial position at Sea Star Base Galveston in 2017.


Sea Star Base Galveston and SMART Family Literacy invite curious families and high school students to its Pi Day Galveston event from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. March 14 at 7509 Broadway.

Pi Day is celebrated around the country on March 14 because of its connection to 3.14, the decimal approximation of the never-ending non-repeating number. Math enthusiasts and Pi Day punsters enjoy eating pie, especially at 3:14 p.m., and exploring math activities and concepts.

The Pi Day Galveston event will be unique because it will link math and maritime studies.

“Math floats my boat,” said Margaret Candler, captain of the BaySmart Express. “And I want kids of all ages and their parents to see the link between math and working on the water.”

The event will include a PFD Fashion Show at 3:14 p.m. and a Pi Finale Quiz Bowl at 5 p.m.

Pi Day Galveston admission is free. A number of items will be available for purchase for $3.14, including “Frito Pi.” Participants are encouraged to wear their favorite math T-shirts or paint one at the event to enter in the Pi T-shirt Contest.

“Early literacy is the key to school readiness, but math is the path to careers with higher starting salaries,” said Liz Turner, executive director and founder of SMART Family Literacy.

Pi Day Galveston highlights math-based careers in science and engineering. Activities for all ages will range from hands-on exploration of concepts to more in-depth mini-classes about building cofferdams, measuring salinity and ship building. SMART Family Literacy presents innovative educational programs in science, math, art, reading and technology (SMART). To mark the importance of the M in SMART, the group will launch a math literacy website at www.PiDayGalveston.org with information for teachers and parents also on March 14.

Ball High School’s math honor society, Mu Alpha Theta, will volunteer to create activities and present some of the mini-classes. To volunteer or learn more about Pi Day Galveston, contact SSBG Special Event Director Amy Erickson at 409-572-2560. To RSVP, visit www.ssbgalveston.org/book-online.

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