Artillery Club Duchesses

From the left, Miss Blayne Alexandra Fertitta, Miss Chloe Isabella Flores, Miss Maria Demetra Koutrouvelis, Miss Danielle Carolina Perugini, Miss Mary Alex Apffel, Miss Cara Elizabeth Quigley and Miss Kathleen Rosanette Cullen.

Todd Parker/Courtesy

The prestigious Artillery Club presented seven, count them seven, lovely debutantes at its 177th ball to the delight of a SRO audience.

Master of Ceremonies and Ball Captain John Smith announced the girls as their sponsors took the stage, and Vice President Jere Pederson presented each with a bouquet of pastel flowers.

Firstly, the officers were announced — President Dr. Thomas Kimbrough; Pederson; Secretary Alton Todd; Treasurer Anthony Brown; House Chair Kevin Harrington; Past President Steve Conner; and Historian David Salyer.

Ball Committee members are Jennifer Dominguez, Cindy Earthman, Gerry Hornstein, Vicki Lewis, Kim Raschke and Dancie Ware.

A special thanks goes out to David Robertson and the Artillery Club staff for helping create such a grand affair.

The duchesses were Mary Alex Apffel, daughter of Commissioner and Ms. Darrell Anthony Apffel; Kathleen Rosanette Cullen, granddaughter of the Honorable James Earthman III; Blayne Alexandra Fertitta, daughter of Paige and Tilman Fertitta; Chloe Isabella Flores, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Todd Flores, and presented by her grandfather, James Little; Maria Demetra Koutrouvelis, daughter of doctors Gayle and Aristides Koutrouvelis; Danielle Carolina Perugini, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan C. Perugini, and presented by, James Lane Ware; Cara Elizabeth Quigley, daughter of Elizabeth Ann Scribner and Daniel Sarsfield Quigley, and presented by Kimbrough.

At the closure of the presentation, there were Champagne toasts all around and dancing into the wee hours.

Happy Birthday to Jennifer Overbeck Flores, Vivian Hernandez Kleinschmidt, Music Man Sparky Koerner, Bill Andriance, Joey Quiroga, Eliza Thomas Quigley, Elise Hopkins Stephens, Stella Varela, Benjy Shabot and Mark Kelso.

Frances Powell is a columnist for The Daily News. Send deets ’n’ pix of your parteez ’n’ proceedings to or call 409-744-6540.

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