The American Heart Association is honoring a couple o’ islanders, the diva and the doctor, at its April 12 gala at Moody Gardens. That would be o’course me and my wonderful Dr. Don Powell.

If you would like a seat or even to make a donation (no matter how small, it still would go to saving a life), Don and I would appreciate it.

The AHA and Drs. Conti, Fujisi and Lick are all recipients of the bus earned by galas like this one. Pleeeeze put a dime in an envelope and give, give, give. It would be too simply wonderful and absolutely fab-oulous to see you there.

Call the Diva at 409-744-6540 or the AHA’s Katie Pryor at 713-610-5072 or visit

No kidding, you’re reading this today because of the work the AHA does.

Evening with Chef Urs at Moody Gardens

Had a simply delish “Evening with Chef Urs” a’la the Friends of MG’s recent dinner. Prez of the Friends is Mary Lou Kelso, who welcomed the chef and his lovely wife Elena and the SRO crowd at the Viewfinders Room of MG hotel.

Also there was General Manager Garvin O’Neal trilling over the new opening of the Café in the Park to folks; Clarence and Sue Pennington Cantini, Mary Cook Putnam, Alice Whiteman, Georgia Perrette and Nancy Manuel Wegner.

Amelia Collins was at the door with Steve Smith welcoming Sarah Everling and Stephanie, Dr. Don and Betty Prough, Sheila Lidstone, Tina Mattingly Gober.

Everyone was cared for by the chef’s right hand man Kelly Wiggers and Roger Tubig.

Butler Longhorn Museum’s cook-off

The Butler Longhorn Museum’s second annual Museum Morsel Madness One Pot Cook-off event featured professional restaurants competing as well as an amateur team category.

All teams made a one-pot dish that was tasted and judged by culinary judges.

The event had live music from Jeff Lopez and Bruce Courtney, a wine tasting and a craft beer tasting from local breweries No Label Brewery and Southern Star.

Winners were Star Fleet Yachts, Pomodoro’s NASA and Tuscany Bistro.

Grand Kids Festival

The 19th annual Grand Kids Festival is Saturday in the Baby Apple’s midtown historic cultural arts district. S’gonna be indoors and out on Postoffice Street between 20th and 23rd Streets.

Festival co-chairs are Machele Chaljub and Pamela Petty. Committee mems are Dotsy Balentine, Lynn Barrett, Mary Beth Bassett, Lynn Clore, Shauntaul Cooley, Diana Davison, Maureen DiMare, Michelle Funston, Lisa Gaertner, Catherine Garrison, Jason Hardcastle, Elizabeth Jansen, Martha Livanec, Jeri Lyons, Karla Mock, Alice O’Quinn, Celia Padnos, Shanna Pennington, Heather Peterek, Jill Presnall, Elizabeth Rogers, Heidi Seigel, Yvette Schultz, Stephanie Vasut and Carolyn Vieau.

Festival coordinator is Sarah Piel. Admission is $5 adults, $3 for children ages 5 to 12 and free for children 4 years and younger.

Tix are at The Grand’s box office and online at

For deets, call 409-765-1894 or 800-821-1894.

Pre-purchased tix are available at half price through The Grand’s box office and website.

Parsons on Landmark Commission

Grats to George Thomas Parsons III upon being appointed by City Council to the Landmark Commission, alternate position No. 2 for District 1.

Citymom Cornelia Harris Banks nominated him and the vote was unanimous. George also was appointed by his priest, the Rev. Meredith Holt, as Lay Ministry Leader of Tours at Grace Episcopal.

Birthday shoutouts

Happy b’days to Laura Little Flores, Roger “Bo” Quiroga, Armin Cantini, Larry Micheletti, Dolly Warren and Miguel Aleman.

Frances Powell is a columnist for The Daily News. Send deets ’n’ pix of your parteez ’n’ proceedings to or call 409-744-6540.

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