GALVESTON — Rosenberg Library patrons wishing to study a foreign language can access the state-of-the-art tool called “Transparent Language Online” — or TLO — at any time from home via the Internet.

TLO delivers a fully guided learning experience using a variety of video and audio-based lessons, designed to lead users to their learning goals quickly and effectively, with more than 70 languages to choose from.

TLO lets users set the learning program in their native language from a list of choices. This feature allows them to learn new languages from a familiar starting point. 

Essentials courses

The core of the program consists of the essentials courses. Each course is divided in units, such as alphabet and grammar (units vary depending on the language selected).

Each unit contains lessons and activities created to provide the user with training on fundamentals of language such as vocabulary, pronunciation and other necessary skills.

Units end with an assessment; when the user passes the test, the unit is recorded as complete and they will be able to move on to a different unit.

Once a unit has been completed, progress is recorded so that patrons can leave the program and continue later, right where they left off.

Beyond essentials

TLO offers Byki Quick Start, which contains short practice sessions.

This section provides 10 lists of phrases and words that can be practiced without following the main essentials course. TLO also provides Byki vocabulary, which offers additional practice beyond what the main course delivers.

The course also provides an independent study section, which adds additional language and cultural resources to the learning experience.

Depending on the language the user is learning, this section directs the user to Facebook and Twitter communities, as well as blogs, cultural websites and additional proficiency tests.

Mobile tools

TLO also offers mobile capabilities for iOS and Android devices. The free Byki Community Edition app provides a flashcard interface that helps memorize words and phrases for each language. Like the main page, it supplies activities and listening exercises that allow patrons to practice on the go.

Transparent Languages Online is one of the many electronic resources available to Rosenberg Library patrons.

To access the database, visit and click on the “Learn a Language” link in the e-library section of the page.

The service only requires registration with a Rosenberg Library borrower’s card number; afterward, the program provides a guided tour and instructions to lead users toward learning the fundamentals of a foreign language.

Call 409-763-8854, Exts. 115 or 116.

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