The prestigious Artillery Club’s Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Ball was dubbed A Night at the Museum, with arriving guests photo’d in magnificent frames a’la le Louvre.

Amid the Monets, Van Goghs, Manets and Gauguins were the SRO crowd in MG fantastic ensembles. There was a “Winged Victory” and “The Thinker” and “David.” Woohoo!

The main exhibit was King Tut complete with sarcophagi, natch.

Ball Capt. Jere Pederson introduced the 2014 club officers, President Fred and Kim Raschke, Veep Steve and Gretchen Schulz (also ball chairs), House Chair Steve and Kim Conner, Secretary Kevin and Edie Harrington, Trez Dr. Tom Kimbrough and Elizabeth Scribner, Historian Jim and Cindy Wolma Earthman and Past Prez David Salyer.

Also introduced was Gerry Levin Hornstein as director of royal affairs. Then, the main event — insert drumroll here — the 2014 ribbon bearers were introduced and we met Sir Keith of the house of McFatridge, Sir Chris of the house of Robb, Sir Todd of the house of Masel, Sir George of the house of Black, Sir Franklin of the house of Carnes and Sir Michael of the house of Hughes.

Following the ribbon bearers, we honored last year’s King and Queen, King Jerry of the house of Mount and Queen Beverly of the house of Odom. Junior royalty were Princess Zoe of the house of Dominguez saluting presidential first ladies and exhibiting Barbara Bush’s inaugural gown and Prince Berkley of the house of Dominguez portraying Richard the Lionhearted as a tribute to British Royalty.

Aaannnddd another drum roll brought in Duke Avi of the house of Markowitz and Duke Eric of the house of Walser which made way for this year’s 48th annual King of Mardi Gras John Lee of the clan Sullivan.

As the thunderous applause died down, we greeted Duchess Pamela of the house of Miller and Duchess Janice of the house of Pierson. And then, the moment we all awaited with baited breath, the appearance of this year’s Queen of the 48th Annual, her serene majesty, Monica of the clan O’Donohoe.

She was aglow in a red, sequined Miwa gown. As we all raised our glasses to the Royal Court, the King and Queen are presented with the royal scepter and the sterling silver tussy mussy flower holder.

After the royals opened the ball with the first dance, Her Majesty danced with her handsome consort David O’Donohoe and His Majesty danced with his adorable Cindy as family mems watched.

They were sons Sean and Wendy and Hannah and Casey O’Donohoe, cuzzins Dr. Don and The Diva. Greatly missed were son John Doherty and Monica’s mom Pat McMillan Fisher. Good friends Sonny and Cher-yl Vaiani joined in.

At the King’s table, we found John Lee and Cindy hosting children Kathryn and Scott Mixon and Rocky and Kelsi Sullivan and Gerald and Susanne Sullivan.

The Lineup played and the food was extraordinary thanks to Chef Michael and the new-hearted David Robertson.

Frances Powell is a columnist for The Daily News. Email or call 409-744-6540.

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