Gotham-on-the Gulf is ciao-ing down in two, count ’em two new and molto bene Italian fare.

Having a great time at Riondo’s Ristorante in the prestigious and historic First Hutchings Sealy Bank building were James Henderson and a crowd of well-wishers to his birthday party. More to come on that, stay tuned.

The Beautiful Duo Gerald and Susanne Sullivan, John Ferguson, Bernie and Phyllis Milstein, VJ and his mom Divafave Margaret Tramonte, Ann Simmons and Cara Mooore, Rip Koehler hosting a table consisting of Bubba Koehler, Nicole Rhew Koehler while mama Bernetta Townsend Koehler also enjoying the ministrations of Owner/Chef Rico.

Aaannnnddd, a’la Italiano … since we eat every day, never forget the delectable and delicious offerings at Trattoria La Vigna.

Divafaves Sal and Pina Ruggerio are filling their 20th Street space with SRO crowds almost every night. Will have a pic of them as soon as I learn how to get it out of my cellphone.

Amazing as it may seem to some, including the Diva, there were 24 people defying the early hour and coming to America Kitchen, at 7:15 a.m. at 600 Harborside to celebrate Jack Crummett’s 78th birthday ... with a delicious breakfast.

Attending were his family, Angela, Karen Sawyer, John Charles (who recently moved to Webster — and is manager of Luna’s Mexican Restaurant in League City.) with his beautiful daughter Megan, Camille and David Bivens with daughters Angela and Alicia (Angela made her grandpa’s beautiful birthday cake) and Chris and Kim who live in Bay City, with Heather and Sam Conway (granddaughter), who also live in Bay City.

Sid and Tory Cammeresi came in from Texas City, as did Kim Schoolcraft. Others crossing that causeway so early were Paul Millo, and Darla and D.A. Mattis. Local friends, Danny Pickett, Judy Sanders, Kayla Gaddis and Jim Ware were there to watch Jack blow out his candles.

One partyer stated, “Jack, normal people have their birthday parties at dinner time,” which everyone answered, “yep, normal people do.”

Abel and Elizabeth took good care in getting breakfast served to all, so they could go to work on time. See pix.

Galveston Arts Center

Galveston Arts Center is pairing with the Houston Center for Photography to present collections from two distinguished Houston-area photographers. They are Robin Myers’ “Unknown Constellations” and Keliy Anderson-Staley’s “On a Wet Bough-Contemporary Tintype Portraits,” on view Aug. 23-Oct. 5 and during the Artwalk Gallery Tour at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 23.

This exhibit is made possible by guest curator Alex Irvine and the Houston Center for Photography, standing in during this exhibition for longtime curator Clint Willour, who is taking a temporary leave of absence.

The exhibition is free and open to the public from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays and noon to 5 p.m. Sundays.

Funding for Galveston Arts Center is provided by the Houston Endowment Inc., Brown Foundation Inc., city of Galveston Park Board of Trustees through the Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund, the Meyer Levy Charitable Foundation, Texas Commission on the Arts, Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund, Jack and Annis Bowen Foundation, and the generous support of the community, an active membership and many volunteers.

Birthday shoutouts

Happy Birthday to Divakid Mel Rourke Jr., Clay King, (his mom and the Diva-to-be shared a room at the old St. Mary’s Hospital), designworks gallery’s Elisabeth Pelham, Star Furniture’s Ben Jay Stein, the A Club’s fantastic exec David Robertson, GCDN’s D’Lorah Collier, Jimmy Bohn, Jerry Leudecke, Bill Jenkins, Kelley Sullivan and Jab Bennett (son of old friend of happy memory KC Jimmy Bennett), and how about a birthday shoutout for Maydell Trimarchi, who turns 90 on Aug. 22 ... this according to her daughter Toni McCoy.

Frances Powell is a columnist for The Daily News. Send deets ’n’ pix of your parteez ’n’ proceedings to or call 409-744-6540.

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