GALVESTON — An island neighborhood association has banded together to fund a marsh restoration project in Galveston Bay.

The project will save some boatowners from some headaches, too.

The Pirates Property Owners Association has raised $275,000 for a state-approved project that will dredge sand from the bottom of the Lake Como Entrance Channel and the Pirates Cove Channel.

The sand will be moved to a peninsula north of the cove where it will be used to restore dunes flattened by Hurricane Ike, said Ron Pearrow, the president of the association.

The project will take place during the next few weeks. In addition to constructing new dunes, the project will replant marsh grass in the restoration area, Pearrow said.

“We’ve been working on this for three years,” Pearrow said. “It takes a lot (of) permits and stuff to get something like this done and it takes a lot of money raising.”

The money for the project was raised privately through donations by the property owners association, which Pearrow said numbers in the hundreds.

The association consulted with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas General Land Office to determine that the dredged sand was appropriate for dune restoration.

The project will have an added benefit for boaters trying to navigate the area. Pearrow said that the shallow depth of the channel sometimes beached boaters who took turns too early or were unfamiliar with intricacies of the area.

“After Hurricane Ike, some of the entrances to these communities to the bay were silted up, making it very difficult for boaters to get out,” Pearrow said. “It helps us because the boaters can get in and out more easily. It helps the environment because we build more marshland that was washed away (after) Ike.”

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